Landing Page Optimization


By just optimizing your website's Landing Pages, you can have a major impact on your bottom line. Simply put, Landing Page Optimization has a high ROI: increasing click-through from your Landing Pages will increases sales.


The first step in creating optimized Landing Pages is performing a review of your site's existing performance, including referral traffic, conversion rate, usability and load times. A dedicated Landing Page Optimizer from ECommerce Partners will recommend specific areas for improvement.




Every Page Is a Landing Page

In the age of Google, any site page can be a landing page. Users enter and exit websites based on links that were sent from friends, promoted on other websites, or ranked highest in a specific Google search -- and those pages may not be where you wanted or planned for them to enter.


The result of the Google era of web browsing is that both SEO and a site's usability and navigation have become paramount in site optimization. Every dead-end page on your site increases abandonment, increases bounce rate and is a wasted opportunity for conversion, especially when product pages are missing global navigation, other product touts, or other compelling calls to action to keep visitors interested.




Landing Page Overhaul

There are four components to effective Landing Page overhaul:


1. Usability & Navigation Optimization: The core of any Landing Page Optimization is an overhaul of its User Interface Design to increase click-through, primarily through improved usability. Generally, a usable, clear and functional site that is good for consumers is also good for SEO.The usability audit starts with our website optimization specialist asking questions to ensure key consumer needs are all represented on the page: Is the navigation easily understood and clear? Are the top consumer actions and needs clearly prioritized and obvious? Is the page readable, logical and well organized? Are there clear calls to action? Is there an appropriate amount of content on the page, and the right content? Does the page inspire brand loyalty, trust and credibility are the shipping policies, privacy policies, return policies, shopping cart, login, and telephone contact all easy to find? What appears above the fold of the average user's browser screen, and what must a user scroll to find? Does the product detail page include essential information like price, weight, size, colors, configurations, and high-res images from multiple angles? All of these elements will impact a site's conversion and cannot be resolved with a universal landing page template design.


2. Site Metrics & Conversion Rate Optimization The current site's conversion and click-through metrics from the key landing pages will be analyzed using multi-variate testing or A/B testing (i.e. split testing) and a heat-map approach to the different elements on the page (when data is available) . Metrics and business goals will be set for conversion to help determine which navigation elements are essential to promote and which can be de-prioritized or removed. The key pages will be appropriately tagged with analytics to track and monitor the page's exact performance in the future.


3. Performance Optimization: The mechanical performance of the site also needs to be considered. How fast do your landing pages load, and can that time be easily reduced? Does the site display correctly and perform properly in all the most common consumer browsers? Is the landing page too wide, too long, too graphics or script-heavy, or with excessively complex CSS or AJAX structures? Are there too many independent server calls? Sometimes, seemingly simple coding changes can have a major impact on landing page usability and load time.


4. SEO & Referral Traffic Optimization Landing pages cannot perform well if no traffic is coming to them. The current site's SEO and referral traffic patterns will be diagnosed to see where users are entering and exiting the website. SEO and SEM optimization can help influence which pages in the site get ranked and promoted so that consumers enter the site where YOU want them. Other concerns, amongst many others, include whether your site has proper Header (H1) and Meta tags, a Google XML Sitemap, and whether any content is hidden behind Flash or JavaScript layouts that have not been coded properly for SEO spiders. See our SEO section for more information.




Landing Page Optimization Services

ECommerce Partners offers both Landing Page Optimization consulting, which will diagnose your current Landing Pages and suggest solutions, as well as full-service design and development of new Landing Page solutions.


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