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Gain Big from Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire, retain and regain customers. As the EmailExpert recently pointed out, every dollar invested in email marketing returns an average of $45!




Email and Ecommerce: A Power Combo

Online businesses, in particular, stand to gain big from the channel. It promotes customer engagement, brand awareness, and database hygiene while also increasing conversions and online revenues. With a strong email acquisition strategy in place, ebusinesses can target their campaigns to bigger, more receptive audiences.







We Specialize in Email Marketing for Ebusinesses

With ecommerce at the core of our corporate DNA, we offer end-to-end email marketing services and a large variety of email campaigns - all based on solid business principles and tailored to the needs of individual ebusinesses and their online shoppers.


Our services include:


  • Advising you on all matters related to email marketing optimization


  • Planning your initial email marketing strategy and continuously refining it


  • Generating and growing your opt-in subscriber lists


  • Designing your corporate email look & feel and various templates


  • Creating a yearly or bi-yearly editorial calendar


  • Developing content (both visual and copy)


  • Managing subscriber lists and regularly optimizing the database


  • Testing and executing the campaigns using various platforms


  • Live monitoring all campaigns


  • Analyzing and reporting results


  • Leveraging test and campaign results for continuous improvements




We Offer a Special Brand of Email Marketing

At ECommercePartners, we don't consider email marketing yet another service in our portfolio. Rather, we leverage our own special brand of email marketing for online retailers to do this power tool justice.




A Dedicated Email Marketing Staff

We assign each client a dedicated email account manager. And we leverage the rest of our experienced staff to boost results. Our approach is entirely hands-on. We do not wait for you to come up with new topics, events, or content. Rather we do the job for you -- from beginning to end.




Best-in-Class Technology Customized to Your Needs

We work with a variety of leading-edge email marketing platforms, and once we have defined the requirements for each of your campaigns, we select the combination of software solutions that is best suited to support them.




Calendar and Lifecycle Emails that Drive Results

We work closely with you to thoroughly understand your customers and their changing needs. Leveraging our ability to track, gather and parse consumer click-stream and behavioral data, we customize the content and timing of your marketing emails to either specific segments or individual customers.


Our calendar newsletters for example keep entire user segments abreast of various timely events and offers. Our lifecycle emails, on the other hand, are geared to engage individual customers over a period of time. They include targeted product recommendations, time- to-reorder reminders, invites to special events, welcome and win-back messages as well as browse triggers, next logical product triggers, and much more.


Targeted mailings, such as our calendar and especially also our lifecycle staples, maximize relevance and yield far-above average engagement and response rates. As a result, recipients tend to become loyal customers. And since loyal customers convert much faster and shop much more than new ones, revenues keep rising.




Is Your Email Marketing Working for You?

No wonder then that 77% of the formidable email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns, as the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) recently revealed. And yet, with on average only 15% of online users shopping more than once at a particular online retail destination, there remains ample room for improvement in email marketing efficacy for ecommerce vendors.


If you are one of the vendors who feel they are not getting the maximum out of their current email marketing campaigns, get in touch with us.


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