Direct-to-Consumer Solution


A Brand Manufacturer's Path to Online Business Success

With an annual growth rate of over 15%, manufacturers who sell directly to consumers online currently represent the fastest-growing merchant category on the web. No wonder: After all, direct-to-consumer retail holds significant business opportunities.


As a manufacturing company with a dedicated ecommerce website, you can use your ecommerce venture to uncover added revenue streams, increase your margins, monetize existing brand devotion, grow your competitive advantage and leverage your brand-specific keyword ownership for search engine purposes.


At the same time, you can enhance your company image, increase awareness for your brand, provide important company and product information to your customers, and, in return, gather valuable customer data to improve your offerings and fine tune your marketing activities as you venture beyond the wholesale space.


In short: With an ecommerce store, you can boost your branding and your bottom line, regardless of whether visitors end up buying directly from you or from a third-party, independent retailer.


But while consumer brand manufacturer sites represent the fastest growing ecommerce sector, they also remain its smallest with a share of only 12%. The reason: As online retailers, manufacturers face the risk of alienating their existing retail partners and stumbling over their lack of infrastructure and experience in direct-to-consumer sales. At ECommerce Partners, we specialize in helping manufacturers mitigate these risks and build profitable, successful retail sites, by addressing all issues specific to this transition.




Leverage Our Powerful Ecommerce Methodology

To successfully navigate all strategic and technological hurdles involved in directly selling to end users online, ECommerce Partners has developed a unique, powerful methodology. We start by gathering relevant information on your brand, your customers, and your existing retail channels. Based on what we learn, we proceed with the development of your customized ERS (Ecommerce Requirement Specifications), a powerful ecommerce concept that will optimize your online presence and serve as a solid blueprint for your retail site.




Serve Your Retailers and Your Bottom Line

When consumer brand manufacturers embrace direct online retail, they sometimes risk alienating their existing retails partners, both on- and offline. At ECommerce Partners, we will help you to avoid these pitfalls when growing your business as an internet retailer. We will work with you to carefully assess your brand's current retail status before advising you on the best course of action for your company. Then, we will get your site ready to seamlessly support any of the following options: selling and fulfilling the orders on your own, selling on your site but fulfilling through a retailer via dropship, or providing an informational site only, and funneling all sales to your established retailers to ship your product. Depending on your needs, we can also sync your site with third-party retailers, so your customers are automatically redirected to their sites when merchandise drops out of stock. In short: we will make sure your online venture benefits both your own and your retailers' bottom line.




Understand Your End Users and Cater to Their Needs

As a manufacturer, you have probably been targeting retailers gearing your sales materials, prices, product descriptions, and customer service to their requirements rather than to those of individual consumers. As a retailer, you must now readjust your focus, understand your new target groups, and cater to their needs. At ECommerce Partners, we will help you achieve this critical goal, creating engaging website content, consulting you on how to best set up your online customer service, and outfitting your site with features to enhance the shopping experience, such as product videos, 360º images, downloadable manuals, and more.




Add Value for Your Customers

As a manufacturer turned retailer, you must display your commitment to your clients by providing an extra something on your site, be it a unique product offering, a wide product selection, customization options, or just helpful information about your manufactured goods. At ECommerce Partners, we will advise you on how to get that special edge. We will also help you to maximize the shopping convenience for your online customers, enhancing your site with special features, such as size charts, shipping and arrival calculators, pre-checkout shipping and tax calculators, links to return policies, website pricing vs. MSRP and more. All this will help you to boost your traffic, conversions, and long-term customer loyalty rates. The result is an increase in both gross and net profit margin.




Create Awareness for Your Brand and Your Online Retail Site

If you want to succeed online, you need to pay close attention to your rankings in popular search engines as part of a cross-channel and multichannel marketing strategy. While branded sites typically enjoy the SEO advantage of a keyword-relevant domain name, they often place lower than their retail partners' pages because they are not built with SEO in mind. At ECommerce Partners, we specialize in using best SEO and PPC industry practices to rapidly drive relevant traffic to your site, and we create successful social media marketing campaigns to ensure your online presence generates buzz.




Rely on Our End-to-End Ecommerce Expertise

Most manufacturers lack in-house retail or ecommerce for manufacturers know-how. At ECommerce Partners, we offer the experience and expertise to counteract that lack. We have helped a large number of leading, international manufacturers establish successful ecommerce ecosystems, taking charge of the entire venture, from selecting the ecommerce platform, to designing the shopping cart application and creating the shopping cart application, to including the perfect CRM and analytics applications. In short: we offer to serve as your reliable, comprehensive ecommerce partner to ensure your retail success.




Set Up Efficient Inventory and Fulfillment Processes

Maintaining the perfect inventory for a retail consumer business, reducing manufacturing overhead and assembling, packaging, and shipping a large number of orders to end users pose major challenges to manufacturers. Depending on your needs, we will set you up with a powerful back-end solution to manage these processes in house, or we can help you find the right partner should you decide to outsource these task.
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