Data-Driven Ecommerce Marketing

Know your individual customers, learn how to accurately predict their needs, and address them with the right message, on the right medium, at the right time. Sounds like a surefire recipe for retail success. But is it easier said than done?


Not if you work with us.


We specialize in helping clients effectively leverage their data and use the latest predictive marketing techniques to boost their customer acquisition, retention, and online sales.






Here is how it works:


Data Integration: First, all your customer data needs to be in one place, updated in real time. To that end, information is combined from a variety of sources, including your website, social media, previous online and mobile campaigns, offline databases, CRM systems, and more. This way you have a 360-degree view of your individual customers and all their transactions with your company.


Data Mining and Analysis: Second, comprehensive mining and analysis processes will help truly understand your customers’ past behavior. You get to know them on a personal level, assessing their unique attitudes, interests, beliefs and motivations. Our data mining and analysis services cover:


  • Ongoing purchase history to review data from previous years


  • Retention statistics to compare the value of one-time buyers and repeat customers


  • Key retail metrics to get data, such as average order value, customer lifetime value, latency, coupon use, and number of orders during specific date ranges


  • Key metrics by segment to filter the data for a specific audience


  • RFM data to automatically get critical purchase data, including recency, frequency, and monetary value 


  • Segmentation to glean information on critical segments, including Best Customers, Biggest Spenders, Biggest Tickets, Churning Customers, Most Frequent Buyers, Most Recent Buyers, and more.


Predictive Modeling: Third, smart algorithms come into play. Based on the insights gleaned from the data mining and analysis process, they help create predictive models that anticipate your visitors’ future actions. You will know, for example, at what point they are most likely to make another purchase, which products they will buy, and when they are at risk of churning. Predictive models will also help assess individual customer lifetime value as well as the real ROI from your various channels to inform your sales strategy. What’s best perhaps: Once the models are in place, they continue to learn and improve, flexibly scaling with your business. 


Marketing Automation: Fourth, we create automated marketing campaigns that resonate with your audiences and address each customer with the right message, at the right time, in the right place.  A case in point: We will help you to automatically send out individually optimized email messages to drive open, click-through and conversion rates.  




Our Predictive Ecommerce Services


We pride ourselves in finding, running and continuously optimizing the right predictive ecommerce solution for scores of our clients.


In particular we offer the following services:


Software Implementation: Partnering with all leading vendors of predictive ecommerce software, we can help you select the right system for your business and seamlessly implement it in your environment.


System Customization: If your business has very unique requirements, we can also build a customized, scalable solution for you.


Data Integration: We help you assemble all customer data from various sources ensuring that you get a complete view of your visitors.


Data Auditing: We review your data and you data sources, locate potential problems, and make sure you henceforth get reliable, trustworthy, up-to-the-minute customer information.


Tag Management: Tags ensure customer data is tracked and measured accurately. But with Ecommerce sites constantly growing and changing, staying on top of your tags often seems overwhelming. We can take the load off your shoulders and support all your tag management needs.


Data Mining and Predictive Analytics: We help you learn from your customers’ past behavior and apply the insights to forecast their future actions.


Marketing Automation: Once you have gained a thorough insight into your audiences and individual customers, we help you to effectively automate customer acquisition and retention, for example via segmented and even personalized email campaigns.


Mobile Analytics: As customers increasingly shop on their phones or tablets, it becomes imperative for retailers to optimize the user experience for their mobile visitors. We can help you gain the relevant insights to enhance your mobile presence.


Interested in our predictive ecommerce services to improve your email campaigns, build a multi-faceted, dynamic content experience for your visitors, or boost your overall marketing ROI? Get in touch with us.



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