Calendar and Lifecycle Campaigns

Turn Subscribers into Customers and Customers into Fans

From the moment visitors first add their names to your list, we help you build a relationship with them, systematically turning subscribers into customers, and customers into loyal fans. To this end, we have developed a sophisticated email marketing offering. Its hallmarks: relevance, timeliness, and proven results.


Our offering includes strategy, template design, list hygiene and segmentation, outreach plan and implementation, and monthly reporting. We manage the entire process proactively and keep fine-tuning your strategy, optimizing your lists, creating new campaigns, and suggesting next steps based on progress and previous results.


All our email marketing programs are calibrated to the needs of your business and those of your customers. For some segments, daily emails may be right; for others bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly schedules work better. What counts, is continuous and consistent relevance. That is why we also use dynamic content to tailor messages to individual subscriber requirements and preferences.


We distinguish between subscribers who have completed a purchase and those who have not. Both receive welcome and calendar-based emails. In addition, the former also receive targeted, personalized emails based on individual shopping behaviour and order history.







Email Marketing Program for Prospective Customers

Using data we can glean from a subscriber's visit to your site and the latest advances in dynamic content, we carefully customize our approach to each particular individual.


Welcome Emails: New subscribers receive a series of welcome notes encouraging them to shop at your site. Featuring your specific brand voice, these notes contain information about your company, your unique value proposition, and possible perks such as free shipping or discounts on their first order.


Calendar-based Emails: Non-purchasers also receive regular updates, including holiday blasts and newsletters. Rather than being a "one size fits all" outreach program, these calendar-based emails vary with each target group.




Email Marketing Program for Existing Customers

With existing customers shopping more, and more often, than new ones, it makes sense to pay special attention and show extra care to those subscribers who have completed a purchase. Running hundreds of personalized email marketing campaigns informed and triggered by individual purchase history and behaviour, we successfully target existing customers not only with personalized calendar-based emails, but also with relevant messages at each stage of their customer lifecycle.


Below are examples of customer lifecycle campaigns:


Transactional Messages: When customers complete a purchase online, they are sent an order confirmation email that can include pertinent up-sell and cross-sell product suggestions in addition to a brief thank you for the order. Offline customers are offered electronic receipts, which may include a prompt to subscribe to the list.


Loyalty Boosters: Our first post-purchase emails are geared to grow your customers' loyalty to your brand and encourage them to habitually shop at your site. They may contain valuable additional information about a specific purchase, related services, exclusive offers, and more.


Review Requests: We recommend asking customers a few days after they received their order to write a review. It shows care for your customers' opinions and trust in your own products. Customers are usually very receptive to this type of message. Indeed, over 80% of reviews are generated in this manner.


Post-Purchase Mailings: As part of the on-going, post-purchase program, we recommend sending customers additional offers, based, for example, on the choices of other people who have bought similar products and the amount they spent on their purchase.


Replenishment Reminders: A great way to connect with customers and grow both loyalty and sales is to send them timely reorder reminders for refillable items.


Individual Status Updates: Give your purchasers exclusivity status by sending your best customers special offers and by remembering common milestones, such as their first purchase.


Win-Back Series: We have developed a special strategy to win back customers who have not purchased in a while or are about to walk away from your brand. While it may pay to sweeten the deal for them with special offers, it is also important not to get your customers "addicted" to markdowns and concessions. Using a customized, staggered discount ladder, we help you pinpoint and leverage the exact threshold where users start to re-engage.


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