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Some say pay per click campaigns don’t bring in customers, or just aren’t worth the expense. “The traffic comes in, but only a few buy,” we’ve heard said. But the campaign fails not because pay per click doesn’t work – only because running an effective, successful campaign takes expertise and ecommerce know-how.


We know how to bring in visitors who will buy. ECommerce Partners has pay per click account management down to a science, from the writing of targeted keyword ads to raising your conversion rates higher than you thought possible. Part of that science includes web analytics and optimization.




How Web Analytics Will Improve Your Conversion Rates

Whether you’re trying to manage a pay per click campaign, or boost your online sales overall, obtaining and analyzing the visitor statistics for your site is essential. Tracking a visitor’s pathway through your site helps you understand why they came, what they are looking for, and how they move onto the shopping cart or other decision page.


When you know how visitors move around on your site, you can understand the customer’s behavior and make changes to improve your conversion rate. At ECommerce Partners, we use ClickTracks, a web tracking program that is best known for their easy-to-use visual interface.




PPC Fraud Detector, ROI Calculators, and More

ClickTracks is much more than a simple data collector. ClickTracks allows you to compare how different users use your site, for example, what are the differences between the paying customers and those who don’t make it to the goal page. You can use this information to improve your site and boost your ROI.


Also, the difference in your ROI after making changes to your site is trackable with ClickTracks. You can actually see how the new and old pages perform differently on ClickTrack’s split-screen, with the marketing web metric data displayed for easy comparison.


Plus, ClickTracks includes a pay per click fraud detector, which will compile suspicious activity into an Excel® spreadsheet that you can forward to your PPC provider to apply for a refund.


  • Unique and Return Visitors – When people return to your site over and over again, you can see how many repeat customers you’re attracting, an important factor in considering your ROI.


  • Session Length – If they stay only a second or so, we know they didn’t find what they were looking for, or something about the landing page turned them away. If they stay for a very long time, but don’t make a purchase, then perhaps we’re not doing a good enough job of directing them to a final decision page.


  • Visitor Pathways (how visitors surf through your site) – Ideally, you want to shorten the number of pages a customer needs to move through before getting to the decision page. By tracking their path, we can see what they were most interested in, and also see which page they exited – the page where they lost interest. When you know what interests your visitors, and what seems to turn them off, you can further improve your site, increasing your conversion rate.


  • Search Engine Keyword Analysis (for both PPC and SEO) – This shows you which keywords visitors use to find your site. ClickTracks will also calculate your ROI for your pay per click campaigns compared to your organic search engine campaigns, allowing you to evaluate your marketing strategies. Plus, you’ll be able to see what keywords convert more or less than others.


  • Mouse Activity - ClickTracks allows you to see the mouse activity of users, which gives you insight on why one customer made it to your goal page and another never made it to the final checkout.




Take Control of Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

There are so many aspects to conversion. Turning web visitors into paying customers isn’t based on luck. Stop throwing money away on unprofessional pay per click and shot-in-the-dark SEO campaigns, and take control of your marketing plan today.


Scedule a demo below, and find out how ECommerce Partners can use ClickTracks to boost your conversion rates by improving your pay per click and search engine marketing campaigns.


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