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Optimizing the Advanced Ecommerce Components

In addition to an enhanced Core Engine, our Magento-based ecommerce platform includes a host of superior Advanced Components. Leveraging our extensive ecommerce experience and our commitment to provide customers with the solution that best fits their individual needs, we offer a variety of powerful add-on components. They include Advanced Site Search, a sophisticated Product Finder, Premium Customer Service, state-of-the art Analysis, an engine for Segmentation and Personalization, targeted Merchandising and Marketing capabilities, Usability and Assessment Tools, and Advanced Administration. Together with our enhanced Core Engine, these advanced ecommerce components are designed to systematically boost site traffic, stickiness, conversion, and retention rates.




Advanced Site Search

Your site's search box can act as a powerful sales booster, maximizing shopping convenience and minimizing clicks. But not all site searches are created equal. The more basic, content-based search programs match a shopper’s query to the names and descriptions within the site’s product catalog but do not attempt to understand the query in its context. So a search for “earrings” may also bring back the less relevant suggestions for “rings,” and vice versa. In contrast, our advanced site-search solution utilizes best practices and supports context-based search yielding more targeted results. Rather than focusing only on the text entered into the search box, it takes context into account and limits the results to the relevant product category. What’s more: It supports attribute searches, such as “striped shirts under $35.
Our advanced solution works in conjunction with a sophisticated AutoComplete feature. As soon as shoppers begin to type, the feature anticipates their needs bringing up a helpful list of products along with product pictures. Our Advanced Site Search and AutoComplete functionality also gives companies control over the display of results letting them arrange the suggestions in a manner that best meets both their customers’ needs and their own business goals. For example, a shoe vendor holding a special sale on brand X sandals can feature those first, before all other types of summer shoes.




Sophisticated Product Finder

Further maximizing user comfort, our Product Finder helps your customers to effectively cut through even the most extensive product catalog and quickly locate what they are looking for. Together with our Advanced Site Search, the Product Finder is proven to boost site conversions and stimulate sales.




Premium Customer Service

At ECommerce Partners, we also offer add-on components for advanced customer service, including live chat with an experienced sales representative, click-to-call for clients who prefer to be called back by a company representative at a number and time they specify rather than waiting on hold, and a feedback button to engage customers and steadily improve the site based on their input. Together these features will help to boost your sales and your customer satisfaction.




Analysis, Segmentation and Personalization Engine

Leverage ECommerce Partners’ advanced Analysis, Segmentation, and Personalization Engine to offer your customers a richer, more tailored online experience driving sales, increasing average order size and boosting customer retention.


Here is how it works: First you define the demographic, geographic, and behavioral information you want to collect including data provided by your customers, implicit information from click streams, and additional external input. Then the Engine’s sophisticated data mining tools jump into action. Using a set of rules and algorithms, they help you analyze the data and create customer groups or segments for customized and even personalized marketing and merchandising purposes. As a result, you can provide relevant content to various target audiences and even individual shoppers, both during their visit and after.




Targeted Online Merchandising and Marketing

Once shoppers enter your site, the system needs no more than a few clicks to understand what they are looking for and to personalize the page and product display accordingly. It also quickly identifies personal preferences and offers cross-sell and up-sell recommendations as well as additional purchase suggestions to systematically increase average order size. It even helps you to anticipate different customer needs and provide several versions of your site to cater to these upcoming requirements. For example, a clothing retailer could display rain gear to shoppers who expect stormy weather conditions and bathing suits to those who dwell under sunnier skies.


After your shoppers leave, it is imperative to keep them engaged with your brand and entice them to come back. Targeted email campaigns offering special promotions as well as cross-sell and up-sell recommendations will help you achieve this goal. At ECommerce Partners, we will also help to take your email marketing program to the next level with particularly effective and sophisticated initiatives. A case in point: the replenishment program. Let’s say your customer purchases a product that needs to be refilled every other month, for example a moisturizer. Then the system will automatically send out an email reminding your customer to reorder six weeks after the initial purchase. To further increase the impact of this email, you can include a personalized incentive, such as a free sample or special discount.





As for visitors who did not complete the purchase, reach out to them even after they leave your site. You can target them with customized banner ads once they log on to other online destinations. What’s special about these ads is that they reflect the visitors’ specific interaction with your site, picking up on what they had looked for, and at what point they left. Reaching your prospects during their research and consideration process at other sites and engaging them with personalized messages and special incentives will help you convince them and convert them into buyers.




Usability and Assessment Tools

To steadily improve the content, design, and convenience of a site, our advanced functionality also provides a number of Assessment Tools. They support A/B tests, for instance running two alternatives hero images on the homepage and checking which one performs better, as well as multivariate tests, for example comparing four different calls to action and checking which one generates over 25% of the results.




Advanced Administration

With ECommerce Partners’ Advanced Administration tools you maintain complete, real-time control over your online store. The program covers all aspect of the business cycle, from bar-coding to warehouse management to the actual fulfillment. The system also elegantly supports the management of multiple store fronts.


All the above mentioned advanced ecommerce components as well as many others, can be integrated into your ecommerce platform to make your online store more powerful and more successful.




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