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ECommerce Partners offers comprehensive programs to boost your online business and develop a tailored online marketing strategy that works best for you. In a fast-paced, ever-changing online retail world, there is no single set of rules that apply to all. We know your goal is to stand out from the pack and maximize sales, and therefore our goal is to understand what makes your online store unique, and then implement the best strategy to help you gain more visibility and attract the right shoppers.


A tailored marketing strategy at ECommerce Partners begins with understanding how your business works -- including your industry and competition. We make sure to become familiar with more than just what product and services you are selling, but rather, identify where are your strong areas and 'sweet spots', and subsequently help your website become more attractive to qualified potential clients. Once we have a firm grasp on your industry and business, we are able to recommend the best methods of driving potential customers to your site.


Every great marketing strategy also starts with understanding your audience. Simply driving traffic to your site is not enough. While we believe traffic is important, it is conversions and transactions that we focus on – showing why someone looking for a particular product or service should buy it from you over your competitors.


New products require a specialized internet marketing strategy that focuses on building awareness. For example, if you’re a pioneer in your field, we would design a solution to create presence for your new product online and get in front of audiences who may not be actively looking for your product yet. Also, we will look for where your potential clients are by targeting them when they visit other sites, not necessarily when they are actively searching for a product.


Well established products require a different strategy: standing out above the pack and making sure the entire process flows smoothly. For products like these we can use tools ranging from Google product search optimization and local search optimization, to various pay-per-click, email, and display campaigns.


ECommerce Partners improves your return on investment (ROI) by taking a hands-on approach to deliver the internet marketing strategy your business will most benefit from. And as the internet changes, we adjust and integrate new tools that are available for your business, ranging from search marketing to behavioral targeting to social media presence. We may utilize various approaches, including SEO, viral ads, and Twitter to name a few. All these techniques are changing how information is posted on the internet and how people can find your business online.




Here are the pillars of our internet marketing strategy:


  • Understanding your business and what makes you unique in your industry.


  • Determining whether your website capabilities and positioning are in sync with your marketing goals.


  • Building online awareness for your brand, products, and services.


  • Driving traffic to your website, through SEO, Local Search Optimization, Google Base, online advertising, referrals, social media, and other online resources.


  • Converting visitors to paying customers by identifying the target audience that will be interested in what you have to offer, and optimizing the experience for them.


  • Analyzing at the results and continuously looking for ways to improve the campaign.




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About the ECommerce Partners advantage by contacting us at any time, and find out why we may be the best solution for your ecommerce needs. We deliver solid, comprehensive, and well-planned internet marketing strategies for our clients - that together with well-designed ecommerce websites - help turn online retail into a major success for our clients.


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About ECommerce Partners:
Founded in 1998, ECommerce Partners is a full-service, ecommerce and interactive agency headquartered in New York City. Best known for our unique process methodology, we combine Internet expertise, creative talent, and business know-how to help clients across a variety of industries achieve rapid, measurable online marketing results.

True to our motto, "We build businesses, not just websites," we provide large and mid-sized companies with a full range of Internet marketing, website design and ecommerce solutions geared to maximize online revenues.



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