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Top 10 Ways to Prep Your Website For Mother’s Day 2011

By | March 30, 2011 9:44 am

A Mother’s Day classic is serving breakfast in bed. However, not everyone lives with Mom. In fact, most people live too far from Mom  to celebrate the day in person. Because of this, Mother’s Day is one of the most important ecommerce sales holidays of the year. Its seasonal sales volume is second only to the Christmas and Hanukkah season.

Last year, Mother’s Day sales reached $14.6 billion with the average consumer spending about $127 on gifts. Every year children of all ages and plenty of adults buy gifts to show appreciation for their mothers. Popular gifts include food, jewelry, flowers, gift cards and clothing. Millions of Americans are rushing to get their gifts for Mom delivered by May 8th, 2011. You can help many of these people sleep better at night by following our tips below.


Offer Free or Discount Shipping

Free shipping offers have proved to be one of the most successful strategies during holiday sales seasons. Shipping generally makes the price difference between buying in store and online. With free or discounted shipping, people get their gifts delivered for less than the price of gas and they save a trip to the store.


Offer Gift Wrapping

  • Get into the holiday spirit by offering a gift wrap option to your customers. If you can’t do free gift-wrapping, throw in the service for an extra dollar or two. A gift wrapped box sent straight to Mom’s house is a great personal touch that is better received than just a brown cardboard box.

Create a Personalized Message

  • Don’t just stop at gift-wrapping – be creative and allow customers to attach a personalized message to their Mother’s Day gifts. A gift wrapped box with a card attached does all the work for your customer. With a few clicks online, they have a ready-to-go gift that can be shipped straight to Mom.

Promote Gift Cards

  • Gift cards are a top gift category for Mother’s Day, especially if they can be purchased for a fraction of the face value. Try offering a discount on gift cards, for example, “Purchase a  $100 gift card for $90!” The gift buyer loves this because Mom still thinks it was paid full price and the gift has more value.

Utilize Email Marketing

  • Holiday related emails have a higher open and click through rate than all other email forms. Put together a list of product gift ideas and send a Mother’s Day reminder email to your customers with your “Top picks for Mom.”

Avoid Tech Problems

  • Prepare your website for a higher level of traffic than normally expected. Increased traffic could cause pages to load slowly, which might make the difference in customers purchasing decisions. Make sure you don’t make any big updates to your website during high-trafficked hours. If you must make site updates, do them late at night.

Rev Up Your Customer Service

  • Increased traffic and orders may mean you need to increase your labor for the season. Make sure enough people are on staff to answer phone calls, pick products from the shelves and pack items for delivery.

Create a Mother’s Day Homepage Banner

  • If there’s a special occasion coming up, act like it! A simple solution is to spruce up your site with a Mother’s Day theme, or at least with a holiday banner on the homepage. Use wording on your banner that reminds people that they need to buy a gift for Mom, and that time is running out.

Show That You Care

  • Motivate customers to buy from you by donating a portion of your Mother’s Day sales to a reputable cause like breast cancer awareness. Giving consumers the sense they’re shopping for a cause can help increase their loyalty. Use a charity that gives back to the Mom’s of the world like Single Mom Enterprise.

Host a Contest

  • Contests have always been a great way to get some buzz going about your business, and Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to hold one. One simple idea is to ask customers to share why his or her mom is the greatest in the world. Create a big discussion and offer a shopping spree to the winning story.

Mother’s Day is May 8th, so there’s not much time left for you to get your products and promotions out the door. Use some of the items from this list now to get you through the season, and then look back at it after the holiday to start shaping your long-term plan between now and Mother’s Day 2012.

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