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Tips for Creating Good Content and Links, Reviewing Your Sites Usability & Customer Service

By | January 13, 2013 9:58 pm

The first month of the year is speeding right along. This week, let’s go back to basics with some articles about how to review your site and make sure it’s the best it can be. We’ve got advice on how to write engaging content, tips for customer service, a checklist for reviewing your site, predictions of the top ecommerce strategies for 2013 and the types of links that have REAL value. Let’s get started!

Start the Year with a Site Review

It’s a new year and your company probably has many goals. Before launching your next campaign or promotion, give your site a review from a customer’s point of view. Use your shopping cart and check out to see how they perform and to catch any glitches, typos, or navigation issues. Examine your customer support options. Is your FAQ or support database up to date? Are all the links functioning properly? Is your response form easy to find, fill out and send?  You should also take a look at the support requests you’ve gotten over the past couple of months. What is the most often asked question? Does an item have a particularly high rate of return? Look for patterns and then fix the issues they reveal. By looking at your sites usability and fixing any issues it will help to keep customers happy and returning.


How to Write Engaging Content and Titles

Panda and Penguin taught many a painful lesson: Content is everything. If you want to attract an audience and turn them into buyers, your content is your most powerful tool. Search Engine Watch offers some suggestions. First, know your audience. Targeted content is much more effective. What makes your site stand out from its competition? Why are users visiting you and not them? The answers to these questions will help you write content that keeps them coming back. They also suggest spending time carefully crafting your title and using lists.


The Real Value in Links

Links can be gold. Yes, it’s great that a blog or website linked to you, but the real value may be in the links you leave on sites. According to Search Engine Guide, there is serious value in links you leave on forums and websites. No, don’t spam, join forums and groups dedicated to your field, product or service and become a valued, contributing member. Just make sure you have a profile and/or sig with the link to your site in it. As you build your reputation and become more involved in the community, you’ll also start building traffic and have a positive SEO outcome.


Top Ecommerce Strategies for 2013

Practical Ecommerce offers up what it thinks will be the key ecommerce strategies for 2013. These include niche sites to target specialized areas of a larger site and are aimed at key customer demographics, tablets and smartphones, which are fast becoming one of the most popular shopping platforms, multiple sales channels-your site doesn’t have to be your sole offering. Let customers shop from your social media platforms, marketplaces like Ebay, and other outlets as well. Finally, integrated marketing will be key, as you’ll need a consistent message and branding across all your channels.


6 Key Customer Service Tips

A happy customer is a loyal customer and loyal customers mean repeat business.  How to make your customers happy? Practical ecommerce offers some tips. They include making returns and exchanges easy, offer free shipping and make it easy to get, honoring your warranties with no hassles, and keeping an open dialogue with customers. Encourage feedback and be responsive. Conduct periodic surveys, respond to posts on your social media sites, and encourage commenting on your blog. Invite customers to post user reviews as well.


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