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SEO Content: What Ranks?

By | August 2, 2013 12:29 am

There’s always more to learn about SEO. Get competitive with these tips!

Everyone knows efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing traffic to your website. But if everyone knows this, and everyone tries to create the most efficient web page for this purpose, what will give you an extra edge?

If you and all the companies that are similar to you are all fighting for the same consumer market pool, you want to make sure your web pages rank higher than everyone else’s in Google and other top search engines. All of that is pretty straightforward, but here comes the harder part: understanding what ranks you higher and what doesn’t. Follow these simple rules to help you understand what you can do to increase traffic as an easy ecommerce solution.

Brands Rank Higher Off The Bat

  • Brands automatically rank higher than non-brand sites. According to a recent study performed by Searchmetrics, “Brands rank high even if they fail to fulfill some of the most basic principles of SEO.” This means, instead of stuffing and over-stuffing cumbersome keywords into awkward and lengthy paragraphs to make up the content of the page, keep it simple and include brands.

Meta Information Is Important

  • Formulate a title-tag and meta-description that is clear, concise, and uses relevant keywords. The better your title tag description, the higher your page will rank.  The title tag is the little blurb of information that appears under the name of the website on the google search engine results page. Its purpose is to describe the document that the viewer will be directed to, so make sure you are as clear as possible. To make the most efficient title tag, place one important keyword towards the very beginning of the tag. Although, in general, title tags are really short, only the first couple of words actually show up on the page. Google will bold any words that are directly representative of the words people type into the search engine, so if you have a highly effective keyword toward the very beginning of your title tag, it will be easier for consumers to find and click onto your website.

Informative URLs

  • Create an efficient and informative URL. You want the URL to clearly state every category and subcategory that an individual went through to get to the page they are on. Make sure the hierarchy is clear! This helps a search engine determine how relevant your page is to the search engine request. If your URL is clear, the search engine doesn’t have to look at the content to know if your website is a good match for the request.

Less Is More

  • Obviously your page’s content is very important with regard to SEO, but sometimes, less is more. Don’t add too many keywords into your paragraphs so that the syntax and grammar gets thrown off. Keep it simple, and you’ll go much farther in the long run. Also, try to come up with keywords that are longer and more tailored to a specific need. Although a keyword such as “cheap hotels” may have many hits, it will also be highly competitive. To counteract this, use a keyword such as “where to get cheap hotel deals.” Although this may receive fewer searches, the competition for these searches is much lower, and the individuals who do search for it are more likely to buy. Plus, it’s usually easier to fit these types of long keywords into grammatical sentences. Make sure to include keywords in the alt captions for all your pictures too! But keep it simple—as soon as your sentences start getting awkward and wordy, you know you’ve gone too far. Learning how to optimize keywords is really important when it comes to proper content management for the most competitive SEO ranking.
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