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By | April 15, 2013 10:00 am

Spring is in full bloom and it’s time for another look at the week’s best ecommerce tips and tricks. No matter how happy you are with your site or how well it’s performing, there should always be room for a few new tips and tricks to make it even better. We’ve got a look at guest posting, tips on simplifying the user experience, new SEO practices to take a good long look at, tips for optimizing your site for mobile users, and lessons in content marketing from the most popular destination page on Facebook. Let’s get started! 

What You Need to Know About Guest Posting

Guest PostGuest posting can be a great way to get high quality original content on another site and also helps to regain search engine rankings. Search Engine Journal offers some must know advice on how to do it successfully. First, you must be prepared to research. You’ll want to find the top blogs, sites, and experts in your niche and reach out to them. Once you connect, keep in mind it’s a team effort. You’ll be working with the site you want to guest post on or get a guest post from to produce the best content possible. You should keep track of all guest posts, and when one has been accepted, get out there and promote it on your blog, website, and social media accounts. For more great advice, head on over to Search Engine Journal.


Content Marketing Lessons from Australia

Tourism Australia, with over 4 million members and counting, is the most popular destination page on Facebook. That’s quite an achievement. How did they do it? Search Engine Watch has the answers. First, they invested in small but obviously very effective in-house social media team. They also encouraged user-generated content, which gave them a library of thousands of images to share. By giving their fans a chance to share and showcase their work, they’ve turned them into brand ambassadors. It’s also important to keep up with trends and current events, and remember that every platform has its own rules. What might work on Facebook may not on Google+ and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to test things and experiment!


Good SEO Practices for 2013 and Beyond

Panda and Penguin have certainly changed the face of Search Engine Optimization. What worked in the past could get you severely penalized today. Marketing Pilgrim offers up what new techniques you should be looking at. They include guest posting, taking advantage of Google +’s author ranking, using press releases to bring attention to newsworthy content, and taking full advantage of everything social media has to offer. Keyword stuffing, sponsored links, and buying back links are no longer tolerated by Google or by users and will sink your site straight to the bottom of the barrel. Today, content, not keywords, is king.


Mobile Optimization Tips

Mobile is where it’s at, and if your site doesn’t display or work well on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, you’re missing out on a lot. 43% of consumers won’t ever go back to a poorly performing mobile site, and 40% of them will head to a competitor. For good conversion rates you’ve got to be mobile friendly. Good mobile optimization means your site must look and work properly on a variety of screen sizes and be touch screen friendly. Using flash? Dump it and use JQuery instead. A phone number they can click on to call is an essential CTA on a mobile site. There are a variety of free and inexpensive tools to help you optimize-take advantage of them!


How to Simplify the User Experience

The Daily SEO Blog has a great article on simplifying the user experience. In ecommerce, simple really is better, The easier and faster a user can find what he’s looking for, the better chance you have of converting his business into a sale. The Daily SEO blog suggests letting users stay logged in as long as possible, using shorter and easier to fill out forms, more concise and action oriented marketing emails, and on social media, share links that go directly to what you want your users to see. Don’t make them have to scroll around the page and search for what you sent them there for. Make it simple and quick for your users to use your site, and they will do just that-and come back again and again!

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