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Increasing CTR, Content Marketing and Advertising Tools

By | October 17, 2012 9:35 pm

Recent research has shown that utilizing empathy can create more effective advertisements and the amount of time it takes to send out a triggered email after a customer action matters. We have also learned that an e-commerce website’s search filters can affect click through rates and that content marketing can help businesses connect to customers, often for free.

Utilize Empathy For More Effective Ads

The use of empathy in advertising is a powerful tool to help your business stand out from the crowds. Take some time and really think about your potential client’s wants, needs, feelings and problems. If you can relate to and engage consumers, your pay per click advertisements are more likely to actually be clicked. If you can show someone how your product can help them with their problem, whatever it may be, then you’ve increased your chances of a sale. A recent article from Search Engine Watch shares a useful exercise in the art of understanding your customers. They suggest imagining your consumer and asking yourself several questions about them – how did they grow up, what type of car do they drive, what are they proud of? These questions and more can give you valuable insights into what potential customers want to see in their ads.


Email Timing Is Crucial To Marketing Success

A recent study showed that timing is key when sending triggered e-mail messages after a customer action. Sooner tends to be better, with the best response occurring when an email is sent 15 seconds to a minute after a customer action. For example, let’s say that you just had potential customer submit their e-mail address for an online newsletter. Make sure that an e-mail, possibly with a coupon or promotion, is sent to that individual within a minute, but after 15 seconds. Waiting longer can cost you sales, with the worst response rate occurring when emails are sent 5-15 minutes after a customer action.  Sooner than 15 seconds appears to be too quick and after 15 minutes is a little too long, though taking 1 – 5 minutes still generates a decent response.  Keep this information in mind when developing an e-mail marketing strategy.


Search Features And Their Impact On Click Through Rate

A recent feature test showed that while search filters are critical to an e-commerce site’s usability, the way they are presented can have a significant impact on click through rate. Removing a ‘refine your search’ toolbar above the results on a tool center website increased click through rate by 27%. It is hypothesized that this is because the filter is a distraction and it pushes actual clickable product results lower down on the page. Many people do use search filters however, so instead of eliminating them consider an expandable version that doesn’t take up too much of your site.


An In Depth Look At Content Marketing

Everyone’s talking about the importance of content marketing lately, but it deserves a closer look. Yes, we know it’s important, but what exactly is it? Basically, it’s using content like newsletters, tweets, videos and blog posts to attract and audience you want to market to. This internet marketing strategy is all the rage lately, being easy to implement and often free. Any business can set up a social networking account and attract potential customers through informative or entertaining posts. This high quality content should not be exclusively about products or services, it should offer more. For example, a security company might include posts about recent burglary sprees or a clothing company might write about fashion trends. This is a great way to connect and build relationships with your customer base.


Tips To Improve Paid Search Over The Holidays

Online frame retailer, American Frame Corp, to improve their internet marketing strategy, tested the structure, design and copy of their paid search ads. When their research was complete they gained useful information about how to increase click through rates and conversions. Now, they’ve shared some of that information, and it can benefit you. Helpful tips include highlighting your brand name, adding an offer, showing reviews and encouraging shoppers to ‘buy now’. Adding an offer, such as free shipping, showed an increased click through rate of 19% over ads without a promotion and simply adding the phrase ‘buy now’ with an exclamation mark at the end of a paid search ad boosted click through rates by 25% and conversions by 19%. You can utilize this information for the holidays, and all year long.


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