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How to Use Facebook Offers for Your Business

By | August 30, 2012 4:37 pm

Facebook Offers will help narrow the gap between social media and social commerce, leading your business to monetize the fans you’ve generated from your Facebook page. It will create a way for businesses to reach their fans through promotions and track the success. Facebook Offers is a program for highly discounted coupons to be delivered directly into the news feeds of your fans. This new promotional tool will give businesses access to a motivated fan base of 1 billion users for their special offers and announcements.

Offers are free to create for businesses. But unlike simply sharing your company’s latest coupon, you will now be able to directly track the ROI of specific campaigns within your social media strategy. Unlike traditional advertising, businesses have the opportunity to pinpoint their target demographic for ad delivery by characteristics like age group, gender or areas of interest.

There was quite a buzz when this project was announced last February at the Facebook Marketing Conference.  It has been in beta testing since then, so they’ve worked out the major kinks. Today, limited U.S. (and soon foreign) businesses can start sending out Offers, with the service going 100% public in the near future. For most businesses, Facebook Offers is still in beta, but Facebook promises a soon release date. For more information, visit the Facebook Offers main page, and scroll down to “Facebook Offers for Page Admins”.  You can add a thumbnail, headline, and restrictions or special instructions.

When creating your first offer, you will want to make sure that your call to action is clear and simple, like “50% off any one item tomorrow only ….” Facebook users are notorious for their short attention spans. Even fans who would love the Offer will be distracted by various ads and images on the page, so keep it short and grab their attention. To reach the widest possible audience, use direct language in short sentences.  Research shows that 20% off provides a large enough discount to be considered valuable without devaluing the item on offer.  Pin your offer to the top of your page so it does not fall below the fold, maximizing potential views. For every fan that claims your offer, the offer claim will then appear on their friends news feeds, allowing your deal to reach a larger base outside just your fans.

After it is all over, run some analysis and A/B testing.  Which ads work with which groups and demographics? In which part of the country and which time slot?  Take advantage of available variables to tweak your campaign and obtain maximum returns.

Another great way to keep people engaged is to ask for their emails before they claim the offer. This also helps in lead generation when creating a targeted email list. Facebook Offers, combined with a targeted email marketing campaign, will provide your company with an active and motivated fan base to build on.

Some additional recommendations from Facebook about creating a winning Offer include tracking purchases with redemption codes and buying a sponsored story to facilitate promotions. Don’t forget to make sure that your staff is well-informed and alerted to the offer details. Nothing ruins a great promotion like a cashier who won’t accept the coupon you offered. Frustrated employees and angry customers are the inevitable result of poor communication.

If you want to see how this works in the real world, take a look at Macy’s case study, which was able to generate over 41,000 responses with their recent offer. If you are one of the many businesses that have spent years building up a fan base, this tool might be a great way to finally monetize those fans through trackable promotions. Now you no longer have to guesstimate how much a fan is worth. Facebook Offers shows you what motivates customers and can turn your social traffic into buying customers.


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