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Google’s New Webmaster Tools, Benefits of E-mail Marketing and A Checklist To Boost Online Checkouts

By | October 22, 2012 3:06 pm

Google announced several tools this month which may benefit webmasters and e-commerce websites. These tools give businesses control over back links and allow for simplified tag management. A checklist to boost online checkouts comes out just in time for the holidays, and research shows the effectiveness of email marketing, particularly towards older consumers.

Google Announces New Disavow Tool

Google announced this Tuesday a new tool allowing webmasters to disavow links. This is important because bad links to your website can lower your site’s SEO rating, even if you have no control over these links. This can mean significantly reduced traffic to your website, especially if Google decides to penalize you. The new disavow tool gives you some control, but it has its drawbacks too. The tool allows a webmaster to remove questionable back links to their site but it has potential to be over used too. Only use this tool as a last resort, if you’ve received bad link warnings, have been denied reconsideration or are a victim of a link based attack resulting in negative search engine optimization.

Google Announces Tag Manager

Tags are a useful tool for allowing 3rd party tracking, analysis and reporting. These snippets of code are particularly beneficial for e-commerce web sites, helping to gauge the effectiveness of a company’s internet marketing strategy. Tag management is essential to marketing management and tracking ability but it can be difficult to manage and change tags. Red tape surrounding this endeavor can mean months before tags are properly changed, resulting in loss of data. Due to the tediousness of tag management, many companies provide this service for a fee. Recently though, Google announced a free tag management tool which allows any business owner or webmaster to easily manage their own tracking tags. If you change your tags often or utilize many tags, this tag management tool may be for you.


A Quick Checklist To Boost Online Checkouts

Search Engine Watch recently published and 18 tip checklist to boost online checkouts. This list is relevant for online retailers, especially during the holiday season with increased traffic. These tips are fairly simple to implement and though some may seem like common sense, they can be easily forgotten. Checklist items include keeping the checkout process simple, estimating delivery time and making sure it is clearly conveyed and displaying the stock status of your items before the user puts an item into their cart. A user does not want to complete the checkout process only to find their chosen item is unavailable. A final tip worth mentioning, make sure your checkout process includes a clearly numbered and labeled progress bar. This easy task can increase your website’s usability, letting customers to know what to expect and when.

E-Mail Marketing – A Key Tool In Targeting Older Consumers

E-mail marketing often isn’t given enough attention but, it can be very effective. A recent study showed that 32% of adults in the United States who use the internet have made a purchase in the previous six months as a result of receiving an e-mail from a retailer. These numbers are even higher in the over 55 demographic with 38% of men in this age group making a purchase after receiving an email and 37% of women. People are taking note of retailer e-mails, especially those that promise a special order. Nearly half of surveyed individuals said they opened retailer e-mails with subject lines involving a promotion or deal. Take care not to neglect e-mail marketing when creating your business marketing plan, especially now when consumers are searching for holiday deals.



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