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How to Use Google Analytics Data to Boost Sales

By | November 10, 2014 9:13 am

Google Analytics is an indispensable part of the modern marketer’s repertoire. With Google’s ubiquity in online search, advertising, and sales, this is to be expected. But the tool’s superior interface, data tools, and metrics make it an easy choice for the savvy salesperson. Whether you are looking to uncover traffic sources, mobile optimization, or white hat SEO tactics, Google Analytics can be the source of all your ecommerce solutions.


No matter what industry you are competing in, Google Analytics is a vital tool to understanding and interpreting the vast stores of data to which you have access, but how you use that tool can make or break its effect on your business.

In this article, I’m offering the latest tips for transforming Google Analytics data about your visitors into something you really care about: cold, hard cash. That’s right, I’m talking about increasing sales. Read on to find out how to become a Google Analytics wizard and leave the competition in the dust.

Traffic sources from Google Analytics:

Let’s start with the first aspect of visitor data analysis: from where are your visitors coming? Before you begin consulting Google Analytics, jot down a quick list of all possible traffic sources. This should include organic search, paid search, social media, and any additional channels you might have. Make a note of how much money and time you put into curating and maintaining each source.


Then, load up Google Analytics and go to Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic. From there, you’ll be able to see the proportion of visitors you get from each traffic source. Now, look back at your list. Do the orders of the two lists correspond? Maybe you’re spending more money on social media amplification than you need to be. By comparing these lists, it’s easy to see where you’re spending more money than you should be and discover where you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Mobile optimization to boost sales:

Ahhh, the elusive mobile visitor – only now, he is not so elusive. M-commerce is a growing exponentially year over year, so it’s vitally important that you understand your mobile customers just as well as you (hopefully) understand your desktop customers. This includes optimizing your mobile website to display well on all screen sizes, not just the most popular ones.

You can get an idea of the kinds of devices from which people visit your website by loading up Google Analytics and going to Audience > Mobile > Devices, where you’ll see a breakdown of all the different devices used, their respective engagement levels, and other key data points. Some m-commerce sites really knock it out of the park, practically specializing in converting mobile visitors. This can serve as a competitive edge; for example, Walmart – always trying to get the jump on Amazon – has perfected its m-commerce game. Check it out on your mobile device here.

The best thing about optimizing your site for mobile is the fact that it cannot be a wasted effort: mobile is only going to get more important as time passes. The sooner you optimize your business for mobile, the sooner you can start getting access to this growing audience.

White hat SEO drives traffic:

I would like to point out the benefits of one feature of Google Analytics that never disappoints: the keyword tool. Here, you will be able to see how people are arriving at your website through organic search. Which keywords do you rank on? Which don’t you? Load up Google Analytics and go to Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic to see the breakdown of your keywords by popularity. Keyword insight will help you craft your website to attract more site visitors like the ones you already  have, but it is also indispensable if you are trying to pivot your type of audience. It lets you know what your visitors are searching for so that you can respond with more relevant content or so that you can reevaluate your keyword strategy to attract the audience that’s best for your business.

A great master of keywords is Just by going to a hotel listing, you can see the many different keyword configurations they use to rank on hotel searches.

Ecommerce solutions

Due to its sheer scale of available data, Google Analytics can be intimidating and difficult at first. But proper usage of the dashboard can help you eliminate the guesswork from your decision-making.

Mastering the intricacies and details of Google Analytics is worth your investment of time because it offers several ecommerce solutions wrapped into one dashboard and can pay off big time for the business in sales numbers. Once you understand where your site traffic is coming from, you can duplicate or supplement it with mobile optimization. White hat SEO will drive even more traffic to your site, and the sum of these efforts will ultimately increase sales.


Russel Cooke is a business consultant and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Louisville, and worked in the Louisville area for over ten years before become an independent consultant and business writer. He recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA. You can follow Russel on Twitter @RusselCooke2.

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