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Ecommerce through Pinterest, UPS Shipments Soar & Ecommerce Future Growth

By | July 30, 2012 12:30 pm

Online sales have been soaring, according to new figures released by several key agencies in the ecommerce industry. The United Kingdom is posting significant growth in online sales in the first half of 2012, and the mobile shopping experience is becoming more important to online vendors than ever before. Pinterest has become a powerful force in the ecommerce world, and businesses are now jumping on the opportunity to create a powerful presence on this unique, vibrant social media site.


Driving More Online Sales with Effective Pinterest Ecommerce Strategy

Pinterest has become a staple of social media, and while other networks have appeared on the scene and vanished just as quickly, the picture-board based social media network offers a revolutionary twist on social interaction. As Pinterest consists of an infinite number of virtual pin boards containing photographs of everything from high fashion models to exotic plants, Pinterest has quickly been recognized as a ‘natural fit’ for ecommerce based markets.  With the rising demand of products and services that can be found and purchased online, it is immensely important that online merchants develop an effective ecommerce strategy.



Package Volume Soars at UPS due to Ecommerce Growth

Thanks in large part to the boom in ecommerce sales over the past few years, the United Parcel Service is reporting a 3.5% increase annually in the amount of packages that are shipped to the United States. A UPS representative had this to say about the increase, “The majority of the improvement was driven by large e-commerce customers shipping low-weight residential packages.” The number of packages shipped to the U.S. has increased from 12.63 million to 13.08 million since 2011, with the majority of deliverables being shipped using the next day air, 2-day or 3-day air options.


U.K. Web-Based Sales Soar almost 13% in Second Half of 2012

The United Kingdom has exhibited an astonishing increase in online sales over the first half of 2012. During that time, sales have increased nearly 13%, with shoppers spending 34.9 billion pounds for products and services found online just in the first half of the year. This figure is up by 12.58% from the year before, when only 31 billion pounds were spent during the same time period. This increase is remarkable because it shows that the online shopping industry is resilient even while the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the U.K. has fallen the last 5-7 years. These trends indicate that the international ecommerce industry is growing into a robust industry with exponential potential for future expansion.


Online Merchants to Make Sites More Relevant, Fun, and Easy to Propel Future Growth

According to experts in the ecommerce industry, the industry itself is budding into a powerful force, but the mobile shopping experience may need improvement. eBay is one site that understands and excels at providing an optimal ecommerce experience, projecting more than $10 billion in mobile commerce sales alone in 2012. According to Steve Yankovich, Vice President of eBay’s mobile development, “Retailers know how their shoppers are using their mobile phones to influence how, what, and when they shop. The more pressing question is: how are retailers taking advantage of these mobile phones to offer the best shopping experience whenever inspiration strikes?” By developing better mobile ecommerce solutions, online vendors are able to satisfy their customer base and increase sales through mobile devices.

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