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Ecommerce Spending, Mobile Optimization and Ecommerce Growth

By | August 14, 2012 8:58 pm

With new figures released on ecommerce sales in the 2nd quarter, the top stories in the industry have covered the resiliency and positive growth of this flourishing market. The ecommerce industry has experienced another quarter of double-digit growth, which has prompted experts to consider how the ecommerce market can be expected to perform in the future. New trends have also been revealed, thanks to a new report, and mobile commerce sites will be more prominently featured on Google for those operating on mobile devices once a new initiative from Google has been put in place.


Ecommerce has Another Record-Breaking Quarter


Online commerce is experiencing another quarter of tremendous growth, according to figures released by ComScore. Ecommerce sales have reached 43.2 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2012, which marks a 15% increase over last year’s ecommerce sales. This is the seventh consecutive quarter that the ecommerce industry has experienced double-digit growth. The Internet’s top sellers include digital content, flowers, and electronics, and free shipping remains an important selling point with almost 50% of transactions offering free shipment of merchandise.  While ecommerce seems poised for future growth, experts are cautious about their expectations for the 3rd and 4th quarter due to renewed uncertainty over economic conditions.




Experts Project ‘Disproportionate Growth’ in Ecommerce


Online merchants have been experiencing record growth in their industry, and with the increase in private equity, investments, and venture capital, the industry may grow disproportionately over the next year according to a report. This report indicates that top businesses are seeing record-breaking growth, while smaller vendors are growing at a slower rate. With so many opportunities to establish a thriving online marketplace utilizing a solid ecommerce and web design strategy, it is no wonder that so many investors have taken interest and want to make sure that they have a stake in this lucrative and rapidly growing market. While it is unclear if these investments will propel future growth, the ecommerce industry’s rapid evolution and growth is undeniably on an upward spiral.




New Findings in the Online Commerce Industry Reveal Growing Trends


According to Monetate’s quarterly report on ecommerce optimization, new trends are emerging in ecommerce and across the online industry. Apple users are buying more products than Microsoft users, and search engine optimization is still a more dominant force in ecommerce than social media. Apple users are spending slightly more than Android users in the traditional, smartphone and tablet categories. While there has been much speculation as to which browser is the most popular on the market right now, the real contest is between Google Chrome and Safari instead of the Chrome and Internet Explorer, as has been widely discussed. With the popularity of the iPhone and iPad on the rise, Safari is quickly becoming a fierce competitor in the browser industry, and it is important to ensure that your website loads properly on any type of browser.




Ecommerce Market Presents Strong Opportunities, but Future Growth is Uncertain


The ecommerce industry has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past few years, and the last quarter showed an encouraging rate of growth over the last year’s figures. Gian Fulgoni, Chairman of ComScore, noted that the ecommerce industry is showing strength and resiliency since double-digit growth year-over-year has been registered for seven consecutive quarters. The growth rate in the ecommerce industry is more than four times that of overall consumer spending. With new ecommerce solutions cropping up that are focused on providing the best user experience and an assortment of products and services, the ecommerce industry has been resoundingly successful over the past few years.




Mobile Optimized Sites Favored by Google to Create Better M-Commerce Experience for Users


Google users have been voicing their frustrations with the search engine by stating that they don’t always find mobile optimized sites when they are browsing Google from their mobile phone. In order to optimize the mobile shopping experience, Google is now taking steps to rectify this problem. While this initiative is still in testing phase, Google will eventually launch a new feature that will show mobile icons in the search results to ensure that mobile shoppers always end up on pages optimized for their devices. In a statement issued by CEO of Google, Larry Page, he says that he thinks “we’re only at the very, very early stages of what’s possible with [mobile] devices.” Once Google begins identifying which ecommerce sites are already optimized for mobile devices, it will be even more imperative for merchants to ensure that their ecommerce strategy includes proper mobile optimization.




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