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Ecommerce News: Brazil Online Sales, Mobile Tracking & Digital Catalogs

By | March 26, 2012 6:52 pm

Retailers Making Inroads by Joining Ecommerce Market

Big and small businesses alike are now joining the ever-expanding online shopping network, and many are also taking advantage of established shopping portals such as to promote their products. George Manlove, CEO of Vann’s shoe company, established his ecommerce store 15 years ago, as one of the first ecommerce sites to receive CE vendor authorization. Manlove, like many other vendors, has also become a third-party seller on Amazon, and he states that while he competes with Amazon, the increase in traffic to his website is well worth it. Other retailers have also used this ecommerce strategy to gain more exposure for their brand and to increase traffic to their website.


Brazil Posts Record-Breaking Online Sales Figures

Posting $11 billion in total revenue for 2011, Brazil’s ecommerce sector has grown by more than 26% just in the last year. As the middle class continues to grow, so does the propensity to shop online. With 32 million online customers averaging $210 per purchase, Brazil has generated a lot of new e-consumers in the past few years. The increase in online shopping activity has been on an upward trend for several years with 2010 figures 40% higher than the year before. Brazil is also expanding Internet accessibility by providing very inexpensive connectivity to broadband Internet, which is also expected to generate more ecommerce solutions and activity in the future.



Important Metrics for Mobile Tracking of Online Sales

When tracking online marketing initiatives in an interactive agency, evaluating metrics provides valuable insight into areas in need of improvement and those that are currently performing well. According to Mashable, vendors should be tracking certain metrics to evaluable mobile and tablet usability of their online store. These three basic metrics include acquisition (visits, unique visitors, page views), behavior (pages per visit, length of visit, bounce rate), and conversions (average order size, conversion rate). It is also important to differentiate between users on their mobile devices and those that access the store from their tablet computer. Consumers on these devices may have ‘markedly different needs and motivations,’ and vendors should be mindful of how their store appears on all computers/devices.



A Critical Factor for Marketers

Ecommerce platforms have transformed the way that businesses interact with their customers, and this has “cemented their role as a critical marketing channel for brands that want to reach online consumers at their highest point of brand consideration.” Since many people now have the incentive to peruse a store’s inventory in the comfort of their own home from the business’s online store, marketers must be able to cater to this growing group of consumers through effective targeting and Internet marketing. For many businesses, the benefits of utilizing the Internet to market products and generate more sales have become part of the marketing landscape and will continue to be in the future.



Digital Catalogs are Driving Online Conversions

While print catalogs have been shown to increase online buying activity by two to one, they are expensive and cumbersome to produce and distribute. Businesses are now utilizing digital catalogs and a custom web design to drive more sales and to generate more interest in their product line. Easily accessible, cost effective, and shareable, these catalogs give consumers the ability to browse their favorite brands and products at their leisure. Products can also be shared with friends and family through social networking channels like Facebook and Pinterest. In a recent study, digital catalogs have also been shown to significantly increase online sales and to promote brand awareness.



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