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Building Organic Traffic, Content Tips and Explaining Dark Social

By | March 19, 2013 7:20 pm

Spring is finally here, even though it doesn’t really feel like it in much of the country. If you’re waiting for the thaw out, take some time to warm up your sales and boost your traffic with this week’s tips and tricks. We’ve got tips on content marketing and building traffic, everything you need to know about dark social, things you should never have on your landing page and how to find success combining content with your commerce. Let’s get started! 

Building Organic Traffic

Building organic traffic may be easier than you think, and the key is keeping it simple, says Search Engine Watch. They recommend using a third party solution as your platform so you don’t have to worry about site configuration and development. This also lets you get into the market quickly. You should also be jumping on trends, making your content useful, and building loyalty and trust. Research your target audience and make sure your keywords relate to them. Provide fresh content regularly and share it,  giving your readers easy ways to do the same.


Content Marketing Tips

54% of B2B marketers will increase their content marketing budgets this year. Content really is king, and Top Rank Blog has some tips to make your investment pay off. Start by creating a detailed mission statement, then find your niche and embrace it. Don’t be afraid to outsource, but choose who you give the work to very carefully. An editorial calendar is important, and don’t be afraid to curate content when appropriate. Communicate with your audience, publish often and in multiple channels, and ask your audience for feedback,  acting on it when appropriate.


How New Companies are Combining Content and Commerce with Great Results

Betakit has a great article about how new ecommerce companies are combining content and commerce to formulate an effective eCommerce strategy . They know content is a valuable marketing tool, perhaps even more valuable than keywords and backlinks when it comes to SEO. To use this strategy yourself, create a blog and use it to profile designers and artisans associated with your products, write how-tos about your products and ways to use them, showcase any media attention, and announce new products and trends. Interact with your visitors and keep the content fresh and updated.


What You Need To Know About Dark Social

Do you know about dark social? It’s sneaky and can steal credit from other sources when it comes to your analytics. Why? SEOMoz’s Daily SEO blog explains. Dark social is social traffic that comes from places other than sites with sharing buttons. For example, people might come to your content via a link a friend emailed them, or posted on a forum, or sent in a text or instant message. Basically it’s any traffic that comes from a non-tagged link. The problem with this is that the non-tagged links don’t get categorized properly in analytics, meaning a campaign you run may not get the SEO credit it deserves, because many people directly share it instead of using share buttons or posting on social media. The solution? Tag all your links.


Five Ways Your Landing Page Could Drive People Away

Landing page optimization should help to provide the best possible impression to your visitors. Marketing Pilgrim shares the five things that could give your site a bad one and drive visitors away. They include complicated forms, confusing headers, and making the user experience impersonal.  Make sure your title and headers are cohesive, make your forms simple, forgo navigation bars until after the conversion, and personalize the user experience. Make it engaging and relevant. It’s also important to make sure your page loads quickly and displays properly on mobile devices.

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