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Tips for Improving Social Network Profiles

By | August 1, 2013 10:00 am

There are many comprehensive lists on how to enhance your social media profiles, but one of the most thorough and informative out there is the list by Debbie Hemley on the Social Media Examiner. They’ve recorded 26 tips to improve your social media ecommerce services, but after reading them, one really significant tip stood out.

According to the Social Media Examiner tip #17: Quit Hiding Your Picture. Following this is the amusing rhetorical question: “Are you an egghead on Twitter? A bluehead on Google+? Faceless on Facebook and LinkedIn?” Although this may cause you to crack a smile, an important concept underlies it. When you’re in the business world, your image is extremely important. You put on a professional dress and air and introduce yourself to as many people as possible so as to create a stronger relationship with clients and give them a face to a corporate name. But when half your advertising and marketing comes through social media, your picture on these websites should represent who you are just as well as a face-to-face encounter will. Make sure the picture you select is an image with which you want to be represented. No duck face pictures, or kiss-y faces—keep it professional in and out of the workplace. After all, your public profile is the public face of your company. A further tip is titled “Adhere to Image Sizing Requirements on Social Networks.” In this tip, the Social Media Examiner advises you to make sure your picture isn’t too small or too large and granular. If it looks wrong, consumers will notice and judge your business quality based on this.

Another tip they offer is “Select Prominent Places for Social Network Links.” No one wants to search all over a website for the share buttons or other social networking pages. Don’t bury these links amidst complicated piles of content, keywords, and internal links—keep it clearly visible by using an efficient ecommerce web design that bestows a significance to these links.

Along these lines, is tip #21: Use Multimedia Content. The more visual aides you pepper throughout your website, the better off you will be. All this combined leads to the conclusion that the most important concept with regards to social media profile optimization lies in the visual or in the image. People today need more than just a word of reassurance—they need the smile behind it, the video that fuels it. Consumers find comfort in a face: it humanizes a business and transforms it from a foreboding corporate machine into a man, a woman, an individual. And these visuals instill so much more confidence in a client than a complicated piece of informative content ever could. This is primarily because everyone wants to be viewed as an equal, and if it is the consumer and the company, the consumer feels little and somewhat insignificant. If it becomes the consumer and the person behind the company, the consumer is on more level ground.

So give your company a face and pleasing layout to humanize your operation and create a strong bond with all your consumers. Further, incorporate tip #7: Get Real on Social Networks. Use individual names to give shoutouts to your fans, to answer questions and comments, and to make them feel noticed.

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