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Tips for 2013, Penguin Friendly SEO and Streamlining Customer Service

By | January 21, 2013 9:52 pm

Christmas is long over but the Valentine’s Day shopping season is ramping up. This week, a look at strategies to help you make 2013 your best year yet, starting with tips for reducing your site’s bounce rate, Penguin friendly SEO techniques, and ways to increase the chances your content will achieve every marketer’s dream and go viral. We’ve also got tips for maximizing your sales success in 2013 and making sure your customer service offerings are top notch. Let’s get started!

Tips for Reducing Bounce Rate

Bounce rates can be good or bad. If your site is packed with easy to navigate info and visitors are able to find exactly what they need quickly and leave-but return often-you’re doing fine. However if your site is designed to attract visitors and keep them around to browse and buy, but they are quickly leaving instead, you’ve got a problem. Search Engine Watch offers some tips on website usability that can help, such as avoiding the use of pop up ads, making sure your site loads fast and is easy to navigate, providing a mobile friendly layout, and being careful not to clutter your pages with too many ads.


How to Increase the Chances of Your Content Going Viral

It’s every marketer’s dream-posting a video, image or blog post that goes viral. Ad agencies get paid big bucks to create ad campaigns designed to do just that. So how do you give your website content the best possible chance of going viral? SEOMOZ has some advice. They suggest your content be heavy on details, inspire strong emotions such as anger or awe, or alternatively, tickle the funny bone. Having a highly recognizable or reputable author doesn’t hurt either, and your content should be interesting or useful to readers.


Penguin Friendly SEO

Penguin and its predecessor, Panda, changed the face of SEO forever and severely penalized sites that didn’t get with the new program. The algorithms were designed to keep spammy sites, link farms and blogs filled with scraped content from fouling up Google’s search results. It wound up putting a lot of sites out of business completely and left still more struggling to survive. Search Engine Journal suggests some ways to make sure your SEO is Penguin friendly by revamping your internet marketing strategy, including no more keyword stuffing, avoiding duplicate content, providing high quality content, and remembering to design your site for humans, not search engines. Forget about link exchanges, free article directories and sponsored links too.


13 Tips for Success in 2013

Practical Ecommerce offers some no nonsense tips for maximizing your chances of success this year. Among them are making sure your SEO efforts are sound and that your marketing efforts be diverse and include blogging, social media and traditional advertising as well. Make sure your site has a nice web design, mobile friendly and easy to navigate, offer superior customer service, and well researched products. Stay up on the latest trends and make sure you understand your customer and what they want. Make sure your delivery options are fast and affordable and perhaps most importantly, take the time to build relationships with your customers and community.


Streamlining Customer Service

Customer service is crucial to success. If your customers can’t get problems taken care of quickly and easily and potential ones can’t get questions answered, you’re going to wind up with a lot of unhappy people who will come away with a bad impression of your ecommerce business and not be shy about sharing it. EcommerceBytes has some great ideas for streamlining your customer service and making sure it is as effective as possible. First, make sure your visitors have several different ways to get help such as email, chat, phone and a self-service knowledge base or FAQ. Be committed to putting your customer’s needs first and remember that customer service isn’t easy and be willing to put in as much effort as necessary.




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