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SEO & the User Experience, Reclaiming Back-links and Blogging Basics

By | January 31, 2013 6:51 pm

Is your site ready for Valentine’s Day? It’ll be here before you know it. Have a plan to improve your business in 2013? You should! This week a look at some basic ways to make your site better, including blogging basics, reclaiming backlinks, how to use SEO to enhance your user’s experience, a fresh look at daily deals and more. Let’s get started!

SEO & User Experience

Search Engine Journal offers tips on how to make sure your SEO techniques work to enhance rather than detract from your site’s user experience. Some of their tips are just common sense, such as using simple site navigation and providing a site map. Other suggestions include combining SEO and user experience elements. For example, have interesting graphics and video above the fold and your text content below it. Speaking of content, SEJ says you should write it for users, avoid keyword density and make sure it’s original and natural sounding. Oh, and one more thing to avoid please-Flash!


How to Reclaim Lost Backlinks

In another great article, Search Engine Journal offers ways to reclaim lost backlinks and the SEO juice that may come with you. They suggest combing through your site and looking for abandoned pages, blogs, and subdomains with backlinks. Take any you find and redirect them to fresh, active pages. You may also want to consider using a link tracking script to help you find and deal with linkrot.


Blogging Basics

Company blogs are a good way to connect with customers, and offers a refresher course in blogging basics to help you get off on the right foot. When blogging, be sure to use your platform to showcase the latest trends and new arrivals of merchandise and specials. Embrace social media, and encourage your customers and potential customers to interact with your blog. Always make sure content is unique and interesting. Give your customers all the information and encouragement they need to buy buy buy!


Daily Deals Are Here to Stay!

Daily Deal Media says daily deal promos are here to stay. These are the emails sent out by sites like Living Social, Amazon Local and Groupon offering discounts from businesses and services on the web. Some say the shine has faded as users start feeling burned out from the constant onslaught of deals, but not so says Richard Chemel. He says there will always be a market for overstock and clearance items and the discounts they bring and maybe even room for development of products meant specifically for the daily deals market!


Amazon Most-Visited Site in December

Not surprisingly, Amazon was the most visited ecommerce site in December, the the busiest month of the year for ecommerce. Amazon saw just over 120 million unique visitors. Apple and Ebay rounded out the top three with 86.3 and 77.7 million respectively. 9 out of 10 US web surfers visited ecommerce sites and spent over $42 billon, a 14% increase over last year. “With every year that passes, we consistently see online buying becoming a more pivotal part of consumers’ holiday shopping strategy,” says Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. “The 2012 season was no different.”



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