Predictive Analytics

By | September 14, 2013

Learn from your company’s history.

The world of ecommerce is driven by predictive analytics. This is the process of collecting and analyzing data  to gain a more specific insight into your retail strategy. Here, we break down analytics to show you why this tool should be of the utmost importance to online retailers.

Businesses often apply analytics research in order to properly predict and improve their overall performance. Companies can use analytics to discover what precise keywords, products, and brands to focus on, utilizing past data. By considering how an everyday customer shops, a business owner can begin to understand their interests and therefore alter their ecommerce business strategy, to include a spotlight on items and search terms that are popular or most used within their following of customers.

Whether it’s from last month or last year, businesses have a chance to see what products converted in the past. This gives them a greater idea of what products or features to focus on in the future. They are also able to create a keyword strategy by viewing the keywords that were linked to their past conversions.

Utilizing analytics information to predict customers’ future purchases is one of the best ways to ensure that a retail business sees substantial profit growth. With such specific data, companies can anticipate the needs of a customer by analyzing their searching and shopping behavior. Their interaction with an online retailer’s website can say quite a lot about their shopping habits. These interactions provide a great deal of information concerning the overall activity of a customer and can display how well a company is succeeding (or failing) to fulfill the needs of a costumer. Once this information is gathered it can be used to improve the website’s marketing campaigns as well as its overall information structure and content to more adequately match the needs of their targeted customers.

Once that information is gathered and analyzed, greater action can be taken. The website can begin to attract more customers through onsite optimization and adaptive campaign strategy. For instance after seeing what was most popular in Google search, and which keywords past visitors or customers most often used, an online retailer can alter the site’s content to match the terms that were most frequently searched for. Likewise, a company can create a more effective ad campaign once they see what initially drew customers (pay-per-click, organic search results, etc.) to their site as well as what guaranteed a successful conversion.

With a great amount of research and successful analyzing, any online retailer can effectively market themselves to potential customers. Analytics is an important tool within the sphere of online business. It helps to bridge the gap between detailed customer data and conversations. This makes it one of the most useful tools in the marketing and business world. When done properly, businesses using analytics can expect to fully thrive in prosperity.

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