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Mobile Shopping Is Increasing, SEO Myths Debunked, Tips For Landing Pages

By | December 31, 2012 11:04 pm

Happy New Year! 2013 is here and the holiday shopping season is behind us. This week’s stories include a report on how mobile shopping is growing, popular SEO myths debunked, tips for getting the most conversions from your landing page, how tablets are slowing revolutionizing online shopping, and more!

 Mobile Shopping Activities Increase Each Year

According to a study by eMarketer, despite the overall shopping season being a bit of a disappointment, shopping from mobile devices increased again this year. 82% of smartphone owners used their devices to browse or research items, up from 67%. 74% bought something, up from 55% last year. It makes sense. Most people always have their phone and/or tablet with them, whereas far less are always at their computers. With an increase in mobile shopping this year it is a good time to rethink your ecommerce strategy in 2013.


SEO Myths Busted!

TopRank debunks some of the most common SEO myths in a new article. For example, many believe SEO is dead, courtesy of Panda and Penguin. It’s not, but you can no longer rely on links and keywords. Other myths busted include the thought that press releases are useless and that you must optimize your site to succeed. Surprise, not true. Press releases still have value, but it lies with its content rather than the links it may contain, and you can get high SERs with SEO, even though it’s harder.


Tips for a Killer Landing Page

Wondering how to maximize conversions from your landing page? Search Engine Watch offers some tips. They recommend that your page be clear and simple, with a focused call to action. Don’t clutter it with too many images, which distract visitors, and make your social media and sharing buttons easy to find and use. Perhaps most importantly, test and test again! Don’t unleash changes or new features on your visitors without having tested them thoroughly. One of the easiest ways to drive them to your competition is to present them with a cranky, error ridden page with missing or broken features/navigation.


How to Encourage Customer Reviews

User reviews are a valuable marketing tool. They can be far more affective than product descriptions in getting visitors to convert to buyers. Practical eCommerce offers suggestions on how to encourage your customers to leave reviews. They suggest making good use of Facebook, encouraging users to post video reviews, integrating reviews into your site copy, and simply asking your customers to post reviews. It’s also important to share review on your social media accounts and most importantly, post the good and the bad. Don’t censor unless you want to end up with the kind of tarnished reputation Yelp has.


Tablets are an Ecommerce Platform to Be Reckoned With

Tablets are the hottest thing in mobile technology. Is your website designed to be mobile friendly? If not, make it a priority to make it so. TabletTimes says tablets drive more traffic and have better conversion rates than smartphones. Tablet conversion rates are twice that of smartphones and better than PCs too. These days people take their tablets everywhere. If they see an interesting product on TV, chances are they’ll grab their tablet, not their laptop or desktop to check out a possible purchase. Even betters, studies show tablet owners are generally older and wealthier than smartphone owners, meaning they have more disposable income to spend.


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