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Mobile Commerce, E-Commerce for Small Business and Choosing A Webhost For Your Online Business

By | September 25, 2012 10:00 am

With the massive sales of smart phones, such as the iPhone, that are capable of handling e-commerce, developing a mobile commerce strategy is of utmost importance. Also important is being aware of holiday shopping trends both in the U.S. and internationally.  E-commerce can benefit both small and large businesses when done right. A reliable webhost and convenient, usable web site are key to e-commerce success.

The Future of E-Commerce: Mobile Commerce

According to an article from E-Commerce Times, the future of e-commerce lies in mobile technology.  The launch of smart phones that are capable of handling e-commerce has created a new subcategory which internet merchants should most certainly address, mobile commerce. Mobile commerce revenues are expected to grow to $31 Billion by 2016 and mobile internet use has nearly doubled every year since 2009. The significance of mobile commerce is apparent, but creating a mobile commerce strategy to work with a variety of smart phones and tablets can be difficult. Screen sizes can vary greatly, but with responsive design solutions, one e-commerce website can be used for every device. This has many benefits including convenience, flexibility and even increased SEO ratings.

Popular Holidays For E-Commerce Around The World

Most online retailers know that the upcoming holiday season will bring a huge influx of online shoppers. It is essential for businesses to be aware of holiday shopping trends and to have an e-commerce strategy that can capitalize on these trends. Shoppers around the United States will be searching the web for everything from Halloween costumes to Christmas gifts, but e-commerce websites can target customers all over the world.  Many U.S. retailers strive to reach consumers abroad as well, and the holiday season can be the perfect time to expand a company’s presence overseas. Knowing which seasons and holidays to plan for can most certainly increase a business’s sales. Some of the most popular shopping holidays around the world include Valentine’s Day, which is nearly as popular in Europe as it is in the U.S., Diwali, a Hindu Festival which is known to drastically increase e-commerce revenue in India and Chinese New Year.

E-Commerce For Small Business

The Beauty Lounge started out as a small salon in New Zealand, but it has doubled in growth since it opened two years ago. One of the primary reasons for that increase in growth is the salon’s e-commerce operation. The Beauty Lounge felt limited by its ability only to cater to local consumers and so began a small online business selling a limited amount of products. After taking into account customer feedback, the salon decided to offer a wider range of quality products from respected brands. Customers preferred to shop online for these products as opposed to driving to a retailer. As the e-commerce business expanded, so did the salon’s popularity and reputation.  Though this path may not be right for every business, developing an e-commerce site designed with usability and convenience in mind can significantly increase a business’s revenue. Choosing the most effective partner for an ecommerce project is especially important to take advantage of this.

Internet Marketing Expert Reveals His Webhost Of Choice

Choosing the right webhost for your online business can be key to its success. Though many business owners hope to save whenever they can, choosing a cheap webhosting service is not always the best decision. Oftentimes, you will need to shell out extra cash for a webhost that offers all the necessary features for efficient hosting including server reliability and technical ecommerce support.  Is there a web host that offers the best of both worlds, quality service and affordable pricing? Internet marketing expert Mike Bashi says yes. After trying dozens of web hosting services for at least a month, he’s found a cheap web host that stand out amongst the crowd. To find out which web host that is though, you’ll need to become a member of his new website,

GENCO Marketplace Revamps Website To Make Shopping Easier For Liquidation Lot Buyers

GENCO Marketplace, America’s largest wholesale liquidator of retail returns and surplus inventories, has completely revamped its website to provide it’s buyers with a productive, hassle free shopping experience. The site, which caters to businesses, has made itself more similar to a consumer shopping site, offering similar degrees of usability and convenience. Now faster and easier to use, the site offers a shopping cart that allows for fast purchasing, streamlined navigation that enables users to quickly locate products by price, category or shipping location, and a Buyer Resource Center designed to help secondary market inventory buyers find useful articles on smart sourcing strategies.  All of these features help to create a more pleasurable user experience, which is key to obtaining positive feedback and repeat buyers.





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