Google +, PPC Mistakes, Twitter, Holiday Season Results

By | February 11, 2013

We are two weeks into the month of February and there is a lot to talk about in eCommerce news. Let’s take a look at this weeks featured articles. We’ve got tips for avoiding PPC blunders, why you should open a Google + account if you haven’t already, Twitter marketing lessons, important lessons from the 2012 shopping season to learn from, and more. Let’s get started!

Why You Need to Be On Google +

Mention Google + and many people scoff, thinking it’s a barren wasteland. No one is there, they say, what’s the point? Well the point is Google + is now the second largest social network on the web behind Facebook. Yep, it’s bigger than Twitter! Can you afford to ignore that audience? doesn’t think so. Google + is very friendly to content creators, and setting up Google authorship on your WordPress site could mean higher rankings and a better reputation. By improving your author rank it in return helps your SEO strategy. So what are you waiting for?


Avoiding PPC Blunders

Search Engine Watch says there are three big PPC blunders even pros make. Have you made them? They are bidding errors, budget errors and targeting errors. Bidding errors occur when bids are typed in carelessly, resulting in a $30 bid when you meant to make a 30 cent one. It’s a good idea to use an offline editor to check your bids before they go live. Budget errors happen for the same reason. Set a $10,000 budget when you meant to set a $100 and things could get ugly. Spending a budget too fast and forgetting to add a new budget to your MDS at the end of the month are also pitfalls to watch out for.


How Journalistic Principles Can Help You Create Great Content

Sure, print journalism appears to be dying a slow death, no longer able to compete with the 24 hour news cycle and the internet. But Search Engine Watch makes an excellent point. The same journalist principles that served them well for centuries can still be put to work today to help you create great content. Just remember the 5 Ws and 1 H- Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. You need to apply these questions to your business and answer them thoroughly for your customers. The result will be content that really speaks to your customers and will improve the user experience.


Lessons Learned From the 2012 Holiday Season

The 2012 Holiday season is long gone but there are lessons to be learned for this year’s.  Experts say there are three common mistakes that stood out: site failures, poorly implemented promotions, and breakdowns in fulfillment and shipping. Site failures resulted when merchants failed to test their sites and make sure they could handle increased traffic. Promotions launched by merchants who didn’t bother to make sure they had the manpower and backend infrastructure needed to fill increased orders leads to angry customers and a bruised reputation. The biggest pet peeve of online shoppers is slow shipping. If you take forever to ship orders, use a shipping service that’s slow, or constantly have items out of stock or on backorder, you are going to hear about it.


Twitter Marketing Lessons From the Super Bowl Blackout

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Remember the blackout? Well some companies turned it into internet marketing gold on Twitter. Practical Commerce explains. When the blackout hit, companies like Tide and Oreos put together related ads and tweeted them-and they got plenty of attention. Twitter’s traffic rose to nearly 250,000 tweets per minute as both TV viewers and people at the game jumped on line to get the latest news on the incident. What can you learn from this? If you’re not already, monitor Twitter for mentions of your company, brand, and/or product. Monitor related keywords as well, use hashtags, look closely at trending topics and don’t overlook what a powerful customer service tool Twitter can be.