ECP's Gil Levy Speaks Down Under

By | October 20, 2011

Gil Levy, co-founder of Ecommerce Partners and head of sales, recently spoke at the Professional eBay & Ecommerce Sellers (PESA) Conference in Queensland, Australia. In front of a crowd of over 500 people, Gil presented, “Why is it Worth Spending $100,000 on a Website?

Whether online or brick and mortar, the focus of a business is on conversion – making sure your customer reaches your product or services and follows through with a purchase.  It sounds simple, right?  Nevertheless, many companies approach their online business as a secondary to their traditional stores.  As a result, companies do not put the required attention and science toward a holistic approach needed to achieve success online.

At the conference, Gil spoke about this disconnect and showed how ECP created and implements a unique, complete approach to developing and maintaining clients’ web-businesses.

The ECP methodology, (represented below) is an ongoing process involving consulting, research, design, development, marketing, maintenance and audits.

The wheel demonstrates there is not one simple quick fix to designing and maintaining a successful website. It is imperative to keep up with recent trends in the dynamic ecommerce field, have knowledge on the latest shopping carts, website taxonomy and analytical tools. Consumers who have used ECP’s turnkey approach have increased successes. A great example of this approach is SurfStitch, which also happens to be an Australian company.

In 2007, SurfStitch approached us about building their online presence.  At the time, SurfStitch was a company consisting of only three people working out of a backyard shed.  We worked with them, applied our knowledge and unique approach to what was a promising new company.  Since then, SurfStitch has become the largest ecommerce surf wear website in Australia. Today, SurfStitch sells over 200 brands, employs 500 people and is the 2011 ORIA winner of Best Pure-Play Online Retailer and was acquired by Billabong.

SurfStitch Warehouse August 2011 (and it’s still growing!)

SurfStitch Head Office

Gil Enjoying Australia Wild Life

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