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Ecommerce Strategies, Ecommerce Start-Ups and PinPointing

By | August 28, 2012 2:16 pm

Ecommerce vendors are finding new ways to grow based on lessons offered through the traditional retail industry and other successful ecommerce models. Investors are opening up about the criteria that they look for when selecting ecommerce start-ups to fund, which is giving vendors unique insight into how to create a flourishing ecommerce business. Twitter may also play a more significant role in the ecommerce industry in the coming years, and vendors are learning how to utilize the social media site Pinterest to their full advantage.


Ecommerce Strategies from the Retail Industry are Helping Businesses Succeed

According to a new article from Mashable, there are a few lessons from the retail industry that are helping ecommerce businesses overcome obstacles and post better sales figures. Among these strategies are to embrace giving customers the opportunity to ‘emote’ about your products by marking the online shopping experience more social. It’s also a good idea to keep up with what’s hot in your industry by giving people the opportunity to comment on your products, and then you can showcase the most popular products prominently on your website. With social commerce becoming more prominent, these ecommerce strategies are more important than ever to maintain a flourishing ecommerce business.




Forbes Releases New “Rules” to Inspire Ecommerce Growth 

After several years and the end of the first battle for ecommerce dominance, a new wave of companies have entered the market that are posting record sales figures and uncharacteristic growth. During this time, a few trends have emerged that have helped define a blueprint for creating a successful ecommerce business. By developing a strong supply chain and strategies that address the relatively low margins in ecommerce, businesses are able to cultivate a model that promotes future growth. Other rules that should be embraced by ecommerce vendors are that brick and mortar stores can actually add value to an online retailing business and should be explored, and retailers should explore and create a defined plan for customer acquisition before forming an ecommerce and Internet marketing strategy.



Prominent Investor Discusses Ecommerce Start-Up Opportunities

General Partner at Northwest Venture Partners, Josh Goldman, gave an interview where he revealed certain critical factors that go into his decision making process when he is deciding on a new start up venture to invest. A great deal of thought goes into identifying key trends in the industry and determining whether the start-up’s founders have a vision of how they will manage growth and evolve with the market. Due to his position, Goldman has keen insight into the way that many of the newest and most innovative ecommerce businesses are starting, and he senses that we are in the midst of a revolution that will result in sustainable growth over the short and long term.




Ecommerce Future May be in Twitter’s Hands

According to the founder of a new tweet-to-buy system, Brad Lindenberg, Twitter offers a number of opportunities for ecommerce vendors. As the co-founder of a new social commerce platform called BuyReply, the Australian entrepreneur sees a lot of potential in the popular social media site. BuyReply allows customers to purchase products that they like out of magazines or off of celebrities using a simple tweet or email. “No one has monetized Twitter yet,” he says when discussing his views on the social network. By allowing customers the option to buy quickly and conveniently, the flexibility of this ecommerce platform may revolutionize the way that customers use Twitter in a retail capacity.



Zappos Shoe Company Launches New Feature that Gives Recommendation based on User’s “Pins” on Pinterest

Popular online shoe and apparel company, Zappos, has launched a new program that provides recommendations to their customers based on their most recent Pinterest “pins.” With “PinPointing,” customers are able to look at similar products to those that they have pinned, which adds a new dimension to their shopping experience. Now, instead of browsing products endlessly to find one that compares, they can simply upload their pins and quickly sort through the available items that match or are very similar to their interests. This is also a great feature to use for gift shopping, as customers can enter in a friend of family member’s Pinterest account to find similar items. Pinterest has been making waves in the ecommerce industry for some time, and with this new use, it may well be poised for more growth in the future.



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