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Ecommerce News: Ecommerce Sales Growth, Social Media & Chirpify

By | February 21, 2012 12:20 pm

Ecommerce Expected to Grow Tremendously in Next 5 Years

According to the UK’s Global Freight Solutions (GFS), delivery companies expect to handle as many personal packages as they do business packages. Ecommerce has fundamentally transformed the role of delivery companies, and this has resulted in an increasingly complex distribution network, as many Ecommerce shoppers request that their packages be delivered to their homes instead of to businesses for pick up. The director of GFS, Simon Veale, said, “We believe the more frequent use of smartphones and tablets to buy Christmas presents online will fuel further parcel growth, and that, in turn, means home deliveries may well catch up with those destined for business customers by 2016.”

Source: Ecommerce Platform to Revolutionize Social Shopping

With the introduction of a third party platform called Chirpify, small businesses are now able to utilize the power of Twitter to market and sell products online. This new platform is presumably the first of many, turning tweets into online transactions and simplifying the shopping experience. By utilizing this innovative platform, customers can “buy, donate, and transact on Twitter.” Physical retailers and online merchants alike can take advantage of this platform and complete an unlimited number of transactions. Small businesses are now able to build their own Ecommerce platform on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to expand their customer base and increase exposure to their store.


Leading Retailers Still in Need of Optimized Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce has become an integral component to any retail company’s success, although many of the leading retailers have not fully optimized their Ecommerce stores. The Ecommerce revolution has swept the world, with online shopping offering convenient price-shopping and at-home delivery options that many customers enjoy. While many retailers have an online storefront in place, few have gone the distance in optimizing their website to encourage a better user experience for their customers. According to a study by Zmags, only a handful of the leading retailers are truly ready for the change the Internet has brought to the industry. Fully optimized Ecommerce portals are few and far between for leading retailers, but the increase in online sales suggests that more businesses will begin to focus their resources on creating a more advanced, user-friendly Ecommerce website.


Tablet Ecommerce on the Rise: Are You Prepared?

With more than 33.7 million Americans accessing tablet computers, the Ecommerce industry is ready to meet the challenge of this unique interface by providing optimized Ecommerce solutions for online retailers. Since so many people use the tablet to search and shop online, Ecommerce has been keeping pace by designing websites that convert to a tablet-friendly version. The size and functionality of tablets makes them ideal for online shopping, and retailers are now making changes so that tablet users can more easily shop for their favorite products on their tablet computers. However, according to a Zmags report, very few retailers have optimized their Ecommerce stores for tablets, although that is expected to change in the coming years.


Retailers can Make Ecommerce a Social Experience: 3 Ways to Go Social

Shopping has always been a social experience. People shop with their friends and family, ask for feedback and opinions, and use shopping as a form of social entertainment. Social media sites have not yet fully immersed themselves into Ecommerce, but there are several ways that retailers can make their Ecommerce stores more social. According to Venture Beat, retailers should make the user experience of their store more entertaining than a simple search and shop, engage and broaden social circles, and create a store within a store on Facebook (or a native footprint). As social Ecommerce channels grow, retailers will find new ways to connect and engage their customers.


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