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Google Ecommerce, Twitter Advertising and Ecommerce Stocks

By | September 12, 2012 4:57 pm

Ecommerce is buzzing with news this week, as Google is expressing interest in becoming an ecommerce giant to rival Amazon, while ecommerce stocks leap above other markets, maintaining its resiliency in in the financial world. In the social sphere, Twitter has released a new feature to their ad program that allows companies to target by user interests, and ecommerce solutions are becoming more important to consumers and businesses than ever before.


Google Expresses Ecommerce Ambition; Attempts to Unseat Amazon as Most Popular Online Mall

While Google has maintained high visibility as the world’s most popular search engine, there may be a new industry that Google would like to enter. With ecommerce spending on the rise, Google is now in a behind-the-scenes war with Amazon to determine which will be the online shopping giant of the day. Since the introduction of Google Shopping, Google has taken a more proactive role in becoming a dominant figure in ecommerce. Meanwhile, shoppers are using Amazon as their personal web-based shopping search engine to find exactly what they want to buy. New innovations on both Google and Amazon’s part may determine who commands the most significant portion of market share as an online mall in the future.




Ecommerce Stocks Soar above Other Markets 

Due to a number of factors, including Amazon’s new release of their Kindle Fire, stock prices in ecommerce are soaring. According to the Online Retail Index, stock prices leapt 7.1% in the last week, while other major stock market indicators like the Dow Jones Industrial Average (1.65%) and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (2.23%) didn’t see nearly the bump that ecommerce experienced. Of the 25 stocks included in the Online Retail Index, 20 of them rose, while only 5 of them declined. These figures are promising for the ecommerce market and indicate the larger trend that while other industries decline, the ecommerce industry has been a robust and resilient sector of the economy.



Twitter Launches New Ad Targeting Capability Based on User Interests

Twitter is polishing the tools it offers its advertisers to encourage more ad spend on the popular social networking site. Marketers can now purchase ads and micro-define their target market based on their interests. With over 350 categories, marketers are able to select those categories that are most relevant to their product and their target market to ensure the best return on their Twitter ad spend. Ads can also be targeted based on certain names, Twitter handles, or identifying words. As Twitter strengthens and refines their advertising tactics, more marketers are finding that the social networking site is a great place to experiment with their target market. In Internet marketing, social media websites are becoming an increasingly critical component to a well-formed marketing strategy.



Ecommerce Solutions Gain Importance from Consumer and Business Perspectives

Businesses that want to experience growth are investing in ecommerce. As more people become aware of the powerful growth that ecommerce has experienced over the last several years, it is more important than ever before to create a successful, efficient ecommerce solution that will provide customers with exactly what they need in an expedient, convenient, and safe way. With new technological advancements in ecommerce development, vendors are finding more ways to interact, engage, and connect with their target audience than ever before, which is garnering a lot of enthusiasm from ecommerce merchants. With the right ecommerce solutions within reach, entrepreneurs are able to launch businesses from anywhere in the world.


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