SEO is a Hot Job | I told you it would be, Mom & Dad

By | August 3, 2006

I look at the this article as a little piece of vindication for myself. It’s been tough explaining what I do to friends and family over the last 6 years or so. While in college everyone else was pursuing the normal degrees.. Me, I wasn’t pursuing any of them.

Instead I focused on a little known process we called SEO, and search engine marketing in general. I’ve endured the torture of birthdays, holidays and other family/friend oriented events where I continuously tried to explain my field of work to the always inquisitive and often times critical, friends and family. Needless to say.. many of them thought I was a bit of a kook. Some even thought i was full of $hit..

It didn’t help that my older brother was a fine up-standing corporate citizen working with a world renowned software company (and still is). His story goes over much better with the crowds. When I began to tell people what i did… their attention quickly turned back to my brother in a manner similar to, “So Sean, have you cashed in your stock options yet? Do you think you could get your brother Ryan a job there too?”

Well folks… instead of asking me what I do (then ignoring my answer or doing a bit of eye rolling) and whether or not there’s an actual future in it, allow me to point you to this quick synopsis entitled “4 Jobs on the Cutting Edge“. And I quote:

This is an especially important task in today’s Internet-driven world, where many customers first learn of an organization and its products or services through the Web. Because of a shortage of experts in this relatively new area, many top SEOs receive multiple job offers.

So there it is.. direct from a 3rd party we see SEO listed as a HOT JOB of the FUTURE. And not just a hot job… but on the cutting edge too. See, mom and dad..? I wasn’t making this whole thing up and I really do have a bright future! Lucky for me, I’m more than 6 years into this field and can honestly say that I am now one of the most experienced individuals in the industry today. I had to sweat it out though.. As with anything new, there were no guarantees of a future.

And to anyone out there that I’ve tried explain my field of work and you didn’t quite get it, I’d like to stress the following point one last time:

No.. I am not the guy that causes those Pop Ups..

SEO is a true and legitimate process with an end goal of creating the most valuable user experience possible through logical site design, architecture and a clear message. The search engines were built for the users and as long as we conitnue to build our sites for users, we will continue to drive success.

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