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nununu Case Study

By | May 15, 2017 6:00 pm

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Fashion House + Digital Agency: The benefits of partnering with a full-service agency that specializes in your vertical is endless. Luxury childrenswear brand nununu baby didn’t want to waste any time or money to grow their digital strategy and build a global ecommerce strategy to supercharge their growth. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel they sought a partner well versed in the US fashion industry with a proven track record growing a non-promotional business model. They selected Ecommerce Partners for just that, specializing in the premium Fashion, Beauty and Footwear sector, Ecommerce Partners supercharges their client’s returns and reach.

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In the beginning, it was all so adorable. On the racks in children’s stores and on countless online shopping portals, as far as the eye could see, everything was brightly colored and somewhat complicated. There were so many choices, most of them springing from a surprisingly narrow set of beliefs. One, that children are creatures of limited expression; and two, that parenthood and great taste are mutually exclusive. We wanted the same things for our children that we wanted for ourselves: quality, comfort and style. Once we began shopping for them, we couldn’t find anything we really loved. We didn’t understand why kids, weren’t introduced to the wonderful mystery of minimalism.

Founders Iris and Tali believe “parents want the same things for our children that we wanted for ourselves: quality, comfort and style. But once we began shopping for them, we couldn’t find anything we really loved. We didn’t understand why kids, small and vulnerable, weren’t introduced to the wonderful mystery of minimalism.”

Black is promising…. so we became the brand that dressed kids in black.  Black is innocent. Black is promising.  Much like a child, black is a blank slate, ready to be filled with ideas. Our concepts caught on quickly, so we created an entire culture around them, nurturing our company like an infant.

Parenthood is the coolest thing, and that there should be clothing options that reflect that. We continue to make clothes that exist outside of the old notion of adorable.

Why ECP? “We were looking to outsource our ecommerce needs and it made perfect sense to hire a full service company, with 1 account manager that would be able to distribute the budget between all channels. We were Eager to continue our brands growth, introducing NUNUNU to new audiences through ecommerce channels.” – Tali Milchberg

Ecommerce Partners mission statement is right in their slogan “Businesses. Not Just Websites. Founders Gil Levy and Asi Erenberg opened shop in 1998, before the dotcom boom. Beyond a “pretty” site “the way we see it, ecommerce websites have one predominant goal: they need to generate business all while boosting the brand. Ecommerce must be designed to become a lucrative retail channel and feature a thoroughly engaging extension of the brand.”-Gil Levy    Over the years, financial planning took precedence as new KPI’s begun running the business with new marketing channels popping up that layered additional complexities to running the business with a global offering.

Services & Results: Ecommerce Partners began working with nununu to improve the site experience and conversion optimization. From there, the relationship grew to include Paid Search, followed by Email, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization Marketing. Each service proved its worth and helped significantly grow the online business.

 Social Media:  Before ECP started managing nununu’s social channels, they generated $0 revenue, 0 website visits from Instagram and only a few sales from Facebook. When ECP took over, they focused their efforts on leveraging nununu’s high volume of user generate content, making it “shoppable” with an integration of a social feed on their site, on top of utilizing aggressive advertising tactics on Facebook/Instagram and the creation of a thoughtful content strategy. Within one year of ECP’s management, they generated thousands of dollars and website visitors a month, with a 86% growth in revenue from Facebook and 166% increase in website sessions.

Email Marketing: When nununu started managed email marketing services with ECP they were sending a few email “blasts” each month. Since that time, ECP has helped implement automated lifecycle campaigns in addition to their lifestyle newsletters. By supercharging their email strategy nununu has more than doubled the average monthly revenue that email generates. No small feat, email has grown from roughly 10% of their online revenue to accounting for nearly 21%.

SEM/Paid Search: ECP grew nununu Pay-Per-click revenue +25% YoY, while increasing ROAS +17% during the same time period.  Custom remarketing lists allowed us to focus on returning customers and lift their LTV.

As a premium clothing brand, nununu required immaculate shopping campaigns that were aligned with their identity. In order to achieve this, the PPC team implemented sophisticated shopping product title approach and data-driven device bidding adjustments and niche keywords.

SEO: nununu’s SEO revenue increased by 35% YOY, while traffic increased 12%. To achieve this, ECP’s SEO specialists worked on a combination of on- and off-page SEO. The main focus was great on-page content, which is in-line with the brand’s unique voice and lifestyle.

The result is that nununu achieved top search positions for highly relevant search queries such as “kids alternative clothing”.

Services Summary: Ecommerce Partners collaborative team offers a host of proven solutions and execute services end-to-end.  Offerings are commissioned as complete comprehensive solutions, from strategy through development, implementation and maintenance.  Keeping abreast of market trends, we use cutting-edge technology to effectively support your brand personality. We ensure quality by allocating our in house team of dedicated experts whom abide by every client in a timely manner.

“1 Stop Shop, not just a slogan”- Tali Milchberg


Gil Levy, Managing Director, ECP

Identifying chronic problems can enable the company to address any underlining issues and send more work to the vendors that are more capable of handling it. We support our clients so they can focus on what they do best.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing online retail world, there is no single set of rules that apply to all. We know the goal is to stand out from the pack and maximize sales, and therefore our goal is to understand what makes your online store unique, and then implement the best strategy to help you gain more visibility and attract the right shoppers.

Simply driving traffic to your site is not enough. While we believe traffic is important, it is conversions and transactions that we focus on – showing why someone looking for a particular product or service should buy it from you over your competitors.

 True to our name, ECommerce Partners, we see ourselves as your trusted partner and consider your success a direct reflection of ours. Put simply, we are happiest when we are in it for the long haul, with passion and dedication, making it our business that yours succeed.


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