Email Winback Video

By | March 25, 2014

This video explains how to easily segment your customer list and created target offers which will turn average customers into your best customers.

How Leading Apparel Supplier, Castro, Went from Strictly In-Store to Successful Omni-Channel Retailing in Less Than One Year

By | November 6, 2013

When Castro, an international apparel manufacturer with headquarters in Israel, recently agreed to our suggestion to add a dedicated mobile presence to their existing e-commerce website and Facebook pages, we were excited. Not, mind you, because we were hoping to break new grounds — after all, many of our clients are already deeply engaged in […]

A Backup Plan for Server Outages

By | September 24, 2013

Nearly every forward-thinking business knows that there is no perfect provider, perfect platform or even—yes—perfect client. ECommerce Partners continues to be transparent on this point; in terms of mutually beneficial and results-driven performance, it’s all about finding the best fit between a company’s needs and a provider’s capabilities.

The Weekly Recap: Holiday Ecommerce

By | September 23, 2013

It’s the first week of fall—but, as an ecommerce business owner, you’ve got to be thinking about the holidays already! We’ve got some great thoughts and ideas for you as you do some advance planning. Check out the articles we’ve been reading about online commerce this week. Jack-o-Lanterns and Mistletoe It’s become pretty hip to […]

Decide on the Right Website Functionality

By | September 19, 2013

When you’re doing business via an ecommerce site, it’s important to examine the user experience from many perspectives: is your site visually appealing? Is the content useful and interesting? Can potential customers find it easily? Are the products and services you offer branded appropriately? You’ve probably thought about each of these issues at some point […]

Predictive Analytics

By | September 14, 2013

The world of ecommerce is driven by predictive analytics. This is the process of collecting and analyzing data  to gain a more specific insight into your retail strategy. Here, we break down analytics to show you why this tool should be of the utmost importance to online retailers.

The Weekly Recap: Ecommerce Trends

By | September 4, 2013

Did you enjoy your long weekend? If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you probably interpreted “Labor” Day quite literally—that is, you found yourself doing some catch-up work on your day off. We hope you found some time to relax and enjoy the last few days of summer. Now, it’s time to start the new […]

Finding Inspiration for Logo Design

By | August 30, 2013

A logo is the visual representation of your business. As your business grows, you’ll find that there are even more opportunities to use your logo. Because it’s an important part of your brand, it makes sense that you want a well designed logo. The only problem is that developing a design that is exactly what […]